Why does a baby cry when he is born?

Why does a baby have to cry as soon as he is born? If you don’t cry, you will probably be beaten to tears! Good news came from the delivery room, the baby was born! However, what is surprising is that the baby did not cry after birth. This made the nurse so anxious that she immediately patted the baby\’s soles hard. The lying mother looked at it, surprised and very distressed. She weakly asked the nurse: \”Why are you spanking my baby?\” The nurse was very busy and did not answer, and continued to slap the baby hard. After several pats, the baby started crying loudly. After returning to the ward, the mother found that the baby\’s body temperature was a bit high, so she told her husband about it with trepidation. My husband was very angry and wanted to go to the nurse to argue. However, at this moment, the family member of the hospital bed next to him spoke. He said that this is a normal phenomenon. If the baby cannot cry after birth, it must be beaten until it cries. If you don’t get beaten, you may die! Not only can you not blame the nurse, but you should also thank her for \”a good fight\”! When the mother-in-law thought that she had taken the baby back while the nurse was not paying attention, she suddenly felt a little scared. The mother asked her husband to send the baby back quickly, and the nurse probably wanted to take the baby to the neonatal ward for observation. After hearing this, the husband immediately followed the instructions. Fortunately, the two of them woke up in time and saved the baby\’s life. It turned out that the baby choked on the amniotic fluid, which got into his lungs, and he got neonatal pneumonia. No wonder the baby didn\’t cry when he was just born. Only then did the mother realize that it was good for the baby that the nurse slapped the soles of the baby\’s feet. A newborn baby must be able to cry. Only by hearing the baby\’s first cry can the nurse feel at ease and the mother can feel at ease. So, why do newborns cry as soon as they are born? 1 For life safety, newborn babies must be able to cry. If they cannot cry, their lives may be in danger. When a nurse encounters a baby that won\’t cry, she usually hits the soles of the baby\’s feet. If the baby still doesn\’t cry, the nurse may increase the intensity or even spank the baby. Otherwise, I am really afraid that my newborn baby will suffocate to death. This is a serious matter, and if it is serious, it will endanger the baby\’s life. 2 Newborn babies must learn to breathe. Babies cannot breathe. The first thing they do after they are born is to learn to breathe. The baby was previously in the mother\’s belly, relying on the umbilical cord to provide nutrients and oxygen. But after leaving the mother\’s body, the baby has to be self-sufficient and rely entirely on himself. The moment the umbilical cord is cut, the baby has no source of oxygen and must first learn to breathe on its own. But because the newborn baby exhales and inhales through the lungs and mouth for the first time, he still cannot adapt to it for a while. Therefore, when the baby exhales, the gas will impact the vocal cords and cause vibration, which is manifested as a crying state. In fact, this is not really crying, the baby is just learning to breathe. If a newborn baby doesn’t cry, why does it have to be beaten? After the umbilical cord is cut, there is no oxygen available to the baby. Moreover, after the baby is born, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the blood is gradually increasing, and the baby needs to eliminate it from the body in time. Then, take a big breath to avoid hypoxia. Nurses understand this very well, and they also know that it is very dangerous for a baby not to cry after birth. Therefore, when encountering a baby that does not cry after birth, the nurse usually slaps the soles of the baby\’s feet., or spank the baby. If the baby continues not to cry, the nurse may increase the spanking until the baby cries. This is also a sign of responsibility. A complete collection of European and American children\’s songs Wee Sing download [20 CDs 1081 songs] Some mothers already know this truth after giving birth to their first child, so when giving birth to a baby, it is not strange to encounter a nurse spanking the baby. However, some women who are first-time mothers do not understand this yet and may misunderstand nurses. Therefore, after reading this popular science article today, you will understand the truth and will no longer feel sorry for your child when he is beaten. However, if the baby has learned to breathe, everything is normal. So, the crying of a newborn baby is likely to be caused by the following factors, which need to be kept in mind. Newborn babies crying may also be due to these reasons: the baby is hungry. Newborn babies are only a few days old when they are born. Once they cry, it may be because they are hungry. If the interval is too long or the baby has not eaten enough, is hungry, and cannot express his needs in words, the baby will have no choice but to cry. The baby cannot speak when it is cold, and its fat is relatively thin. If the baby catches wind or feels cold, the baby\’s abdominal gastrointestinal tract will be irritated. Then, the baby will easily feel uncomfortable and will cry incessantly. The baby is too full. Some babies are too full, but their digestive function is not perfect. If the mother feeds too much, the baby\’s belly is bloated and he cannot move, making him very uncomfortable. At this time, the baby is also prone to crying. In short, whether a baby cries or not depends on the situation. Some situations are more dangerous, such as when a baby is just born. If the baby does not stop crying, it is easy to hold it in and may suffocate due to lack of oxygen. But like the situations at the end of the article, although the baby is crying, there is not much danger. The mother only needs to provide timely care and support according to different situations. Of course, there is another aspect that mothers need to pay attention to. Once the baby cries for a long time and it is not due to the above reasons, they must take the baby to see a nurse or doctor in time for careful examination to avoid other emergencies. Interactive topic: Did your baby cry when he was born? Was the cry loud?

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