Why does a baby have thick white tongue coating?

Question 1: Doctor, can you take a look at my baby\’s tongue? Does it need to be adjusted? The baby\’s stool is usually dry, but today it was either loose or dry, with bubbles in it. Doctor, what\’s going on? Dr. Yang Yafeng’s answer: Red tongue with thick and slightly greasy coating, poor transportation and transformation of the spleen and stomach, and accumulation of heat in the gastrointestinal tract. It can be seen from the tongue coating that babies are prone to food accumulation and heat accumulation. The baby\’s stool today should be dry at first and then watery, then watery and contain bubbles, indicating that the baby has liver and spleen imbalance. If there are no other symptoms, just pay attention to your diet and try not to eat snacks. In addition, don’t eat too much, especially the meal before going to bed, otherwise it will be easier to accumulate food. Also, don’t make noises to the baby, otherwise it will affect the mood and easily aggravate liver disorders and affect the transportation of the spleen and stomach. It is recommended that parents give their babies some yam. Yam is sweet and mild in nature and is good for the lungs, spleen and kidneys. You can also eat some hawthorn, which has the function of digestion and digestion. Medicine and food come from the same source. Question 2: My baby is 22 days old and his jaundice has not gone away, but his energy and appetite are good. Is this normal? Also, when I was five days old, I was tested for jaundice in the hospital. The doctor said it was not too high and I just needed to get some sunshine. But why has it not been refunded even after 22 days? Do I need to do another jaundice measurement? Dr. Wang Yanli answered: Physiological jaundice usually subsides in one or two weeks. If a baby has jaundice for 22 days, he needs to have his jaundice measured to see how high it is. Generally speaking, if you are around 8, you can get more sun, if you are above 10, you need to take medication for a few days, and if you are above 12, it is best to take a blue light, and at the same time take blood tests to see if there are any other problems. Question 3: The baby is over 1 year old and has just learned to walk. Before, he walked very carefully and did not fall much. But in the past two days, he keeps falling when walking. Doctor, what is going on? Dr. Luo Zhen’s answer: Parents don’t need to worry. Babies will occasionally walk backward at a certain stage. These are normal physiological phenomena and will generally recover quickly.

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