Why does a one-and-a-half-year-old baby\’s stool turn green and smelly? careful…

Question 1: My baby has small red pimples on his face, and his skin is rough when touched. The baby\’s stool is very green in color. He has a stool every two or three days, and it is very green every time. Ask how to do? Dr. Cui Lixia answered: If your baby has eczema on his face, you can apply paeonol ointment to see if it is eczema. If your baby is allergic to cow\’s milk protein, it can cause eczema. The specific cause needs to be checked to determine the allergen, either a skin test or a blood test. Abnormal baby stool is related to milk powder. Green color is due to poor absorption of iron in milk powder. If your child is gaining normal weight and is not anemic, there is no need to worry. Question 2: My baby always scratches his ears and there is a scab inside his ears. After seeing it, the doctor said it was inflammation and gave him some ofloxacin ear drops. I read in the instructions that it should be used with caution in children. The doctor also added gentamicin to the ear drops. Can it be used on babies? Dr. Wang Yanli answered: Ear drops will have no effect on children if used for three to five days. They can be used, but they should be used with caution rather than contraindicated. If gentamicin is used only for flushing, not oral administration or injection, it will have no effect. If taken orally or injected, it will enter the bloodstream and easily cause damage to the baby\’s hearing and kidneys. Question 3: I am more than six months pregnant. I had vaginal itching a month ago. I went to the hospital to check that the leucorrhea was caused by fungal vaginitis. The doctor prescribed nystatin tablets and flushing medicine. After taking it for five or six days, I felt better. After stopping the medicine for three or four days, the itching started again. What\’s going on? Dr. Pan Guilan’s answer: Vaginal resistance decreases during pregnancy, making it easier for bacteria to multiply. Medication treatment lasts for at least two weeks. Eat less spicy and irritating food, keep the perineum clean and dry, and drink plenty of warm water.

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