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Why does my baby\’s farts smell so bad?


Oct 1, 2023 #neonatal period

Why does my baby\’s farts smell so bad? Normally, baby\’s farts are odorless or not that smelly. So when your baby emits unbearable odor, it means there is something wrong with his intestines. Scientific parenting knowledge: Complete video collection of infant and toddler home care encyclopedia, Category 1. Characteristics of sour farts: When farts emit a sour smell, accompanied by the sound of stomach gurgling, some babies may complain of stomachache. Reason: You may have fed your baby a large amount of carbohydrates. Because these foods stay in the intestines and are digested for too long, they emit a sour smell during the fermentation process. The second type of rotten egg fart characteristics: similar to the smell of rotten eggs, accompanied by a hard stomach, hiccups, etc. Reason: It may be that the baby has been fed too much protein-containing food but cannot digest it. If it remains in the intestine, hydrogen sulfide will be produced, a gas that smells like rotten eggs. PS: 1. Since the components of breast milk are more natural than those of formula milk powder, and are not as easy to digest, the fart smell of babies who eat milk powder and those who eat breast milk will be stronger. 2. Babies who are mixed-fed or fed with milk powder must choose milk powder with a protein ratio suitable for their age; 3. For babies who start to add complementary foods and eat normally, if they often fart, they can moderately reduce the animal protein in their three meals. , the proportion of fat, increase vegetables and fruits, and supplement more dietary fiber. Mothers can massage their babies at home to help them eliminate waste gas from the body. The first step is to let the baby lie on the bed or your own belly and gently stroke their back. The second step is to have the baby lie flat on the bed and massage their abdomen clockwise.

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