Why does my baby\’s stomach always hurt?

Question 1: My two-year-old baby has pain around the belly button from time to time. The pain lasts for a while, but then it goes away. The pain keeps coming back and forth, and the stools are relatively dry. What’s going on? Dr. Cui Lixia answered: The baby\’s stomach discomfort is related to dry stool. Dry stool stimulates the intestines and causes stomach pain. It is recommended to eat pears, drink white radish water, and eat more green leafy vegetables every day to keep the stool smooth and soft. Try not to eat snacks such as apples and biscuits, as well as raw bananas, as these can easily cause dry stools. You can also take some medicines, such as: take Mommy\’s Love, 1 bag in the morning and evening for half a month. In addition, poor stool will affect appetite. If the baby is thin, it is recommended to check the blood routine to see if there is anemia. Question 2: My baby is one year and ten months old and has a runny nose due to a cold recently. I found a small bag behind his ear. It moved back and forth and was as big as a bean. Is it caused by a cold? Dr. Luo Zhen answered: This is actually a lymph node. Almost everyone can find it on the neck, in front of the ear and behind the ear. , armpits, groin, popliteal fossa, etc. are or have been touched in one or more places. They are as small as mung beans and as big as broad beans. They are mobile under the skin, have clear boundaries, and do not have any tenderness. They are superficial lymph nodes that are not red or swollen locally. They are the body\’s innate immune barrier second only to the skin. It only has a protective effect on the human body and is harmless, so there is no need to be nervous. Question 3: It’s been a week since I gave birth naturally, and the lochia has disappeared a few days ago. Today I suddenly had a lot of bleeding down there, the color was a bit dark, and there were a few strips. Is this lochia discharge? Dr. Zhang Yanyan answered: It may be caused by the uterus not recovering well. It is recommended to observe again. If there is no more heavy bleeding, it will be fine. If the heavy bleeding continues, it is recommended to go to the hospital for a color ultrasound examination. A small amount of bleeding is lochia, but if the amount is too much, be careful and it may be late postpartum bleeding.

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