Why does my baby\’s toenails turn black? Go to the hospital quickly

The baby\’s toenails have been different from other nails since he was one year old. They grow upward and are extremely hard. Now the sides of the nails are red. My baby occasionally complains that his feet hurt. What is the reason? Will it have any impact on the baby? Dr. Cui Lixia answered: The baby\’s condition is initially suspected to be onychomycosis. Since babies have a weak ability to resist fungi, they are easily infected by adults with onychomycosis. Secondly, not paying attention to hygiene, biting nails, and trimming nails incorrectly can cause nail infections. If parents find abnormal symptoms such as yellowing, loss of luster, turbidity, thickening, and delamination of their baby\’s nails, they must go to a dermatologist in time, because onychomycosis not only affects the appearance and wearing of shoes, but also causes nail beds in serious cases. Separation will also make it more difficult to cure onychomycosis. Question 2: Doctor, how to treat neonatal breast milk jaundice? Dr. Yang Yafeng’s answer: If breast milk jaundice is diagnosed, generally no treatment is required. The jaundice will be significantly reduced after stopping breastfeeding for a day or two. If the bilirubin is not too high, you can continue breastfeeding. If the bilirubin is very high, blue light irradiation must be performed if the standard for phototherapy is met. Question 3: The baby is 1 year and 3 months old and has been weaned for 1 month. My first pregnancy was a caesarean section. Now I find out that I am 5 months pregnant and I can’t bear to give it up. Is there anything the doctor should pay attention to like me? Dr. Chen Dan answered: Mothers who had a caesarean section should pay more attention to prenatal check-ups than mothers who had a vaginal delivery, especially in the third trimester to avoid strenuous activities. When doing color ultrasound after 8 months, they should regularly monitor the thickness of the lower uterine segment.

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