Why does the baby not sleep well at night and wake up easily?

Question 1: My baby is eight and a half months old. He has not slept well since he was born. After that, he started taking d3 and then slept well. But after a while, he started to sleep very badly again. He was not sleeping soundly. Sometimes he would wake up three times an hour. , I don’t sleep much during the day. I caught a cold in the first half of the month, and then I took Western medicine for four or five days. I slept very well while taking the medicine, but I couldn’t sleep well again after I stopped taking the medicine. What’s going on? It\’s not convenient to go to the hospital now, is there any way? Dr. Cui Lixia answered: Some cough medicines have a sedative effect, so you can sleep better after taking the medicine. It is now recommended to check vitamin D levels to see if there is a serious deficiency. In addition, anemia and not eating enough can also affect sleep. If it is not convenient to check, you can take vitamin D and calcium carbonate together for a week to see if there is any improvement. Question 2: Why does a one-month-old baby have a stuffy nose? Need to take medicine? Dr. Wang Yanli’s answer: You can apply warm water to your nose first, and keep the area around the anterior fontanelle warm. There is no skull protection at this location, and your nose will become stuffy if you catch a cold. If the towel hot compress is not effective, you can mash green onion, soak it in gauze with warm water, wrap it around the front fontanel or soles of the feet, and check whether there is any boogers blocking the nostrils. Question 3: A newborn baby is one month and five days old. He has difficulty breathing in his throat. He eats breast milk less often, urinates less frequently, sleeps all the time, and is not in good spirits. He coughs and sounds like there is phlegm in his throat. The child does not cry. He feels like breathing when feeding. I suffocated to death. I took amoxicillin anti-inflammatory granules, syrup water, and traditional Chinese medicine patches. It has not improved after three days. Do I need to go to the hospital? Dr. Yang Lei’s answer: According to the above description, suffocation during feeding indicates that the child lacks oxygen, has difficulty breathing, and is not in good spirits. The child is so young and the condition changes too quickly. It is recommended to go to the hospital for treatment.

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