Why does the baby often drool unconsciously?

Question 1 Hello, my baby has been drooling non-stop since he was two and a half months old. Now he is more than three months old and he keeps changing the saliva towel every day. What is going on? Dr. Luo Zhen’s answer: The main reason for increased salivation is that the baby’s parotid glands are immature and secrete a lot of saliva. In addition, the baby\’s mouth is relatively shallow and cannot store saliva, and the swallowing ability is insufficient to swallow the saliva in time, so the symptom of drooling appears. For most babies, the drooling phenomenon will slowly disappear after they are 2 years old, as their ability to swallow saliva gradually improves. However, parents should be particularly wary of one thing when their baby is drooling – drool rash. Drool rash is also called \”perioral eczema\” and is common in infants and young children between 2 months and 1 year old. Babies enter the oral phase after 2 months. They often like to eat hands, clothes and chew toys, which increases saliva secretion and stains the area around the mouth. Saliva that is acidic and contains corrosive digestive enzymes constantly irritates the baby\’s tender skin and breaks down the outermost \”protective layer\” of the skin. Coupled with poor parental care, the baby can easily develop drool rash. Therefore, parents usually use dry soft gauze to soak the baby\’s saliva, and then apply a thin layer of olive oil to add a layer of protection to the skin. If your baby has ulcers and peeling around his mouth, you can apply erythromycin ointment or Baiduobang to prevent infection. Question 2: The newborn’s hearing was tested when he was 6 days old, and his right ear failed the hearing test. Does this require treatment? Dr. Wang Yanli answered: You can reexamine during the full moon. As long as you pass it, there will be no problem. Generally speaking, the baby\’s hearing will reach normal adult hearing during pregnancy. If the review fails, further investigation is needed to find out the reasons. Question 3: Why does my 50-day-old baby always cry so much at night? No matter how much you coax her, she won\’t feel bloated even when you touch her belly. Dr. Cui Lixia\’s answer: If you cry at a fixed time every day, you may have paroxysmal intestinal spasm. You can take Xiaoerkang granules.

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