Why is it best not to bring children between one and three years old to the mother-in-law?

The period from one to three years old is one of the most important stages in a child\’s life. The experience and environment during this period play a vital role in the child\’s physical and mental health and intellectual development. As we all know, mother-in-law is an important member of the traditional Chinese family. However, changes in modern lifestyles and changes in economic development have led more and more young parents to choose to give their children to their mothers-in-law to take care of them. However, some professionals point out that it is best not to let mothers-in-law take care of children between the ages of one and three. The main reasons are as follows: Mother-in-laws have different educational concepts. Mother-in-laws are generally from the older generation, and their educational concepts are very different from modern educational concepts. different. The mother-in-law may be overly pampered and unwilling to let the child suffer setbacks and failures, and may even use corporal punishment to punish the child. This kind of education method will lead to unhealthy psychological development of children, and it is also easy to form bad characters and habits during the growth of children. CCTV recommends over 500 high-scoring excellent documentaries. The child’s self-discipline and addiction have exploded after watching. Different parenting styles. The mother-in-law’s parenting style is also very different from modern parenting styles. The mother-in-law may take too much care of the child and be unwilling to let the child try and explore on his own, which can easily cause the child to lose interest in exploring and learning. At the same time, the mother-in-law\’s parenting style may also cause some physical harm to the child, such as overfeeding, overwrapping, etc. Different communication methods. The communication methods between mother-in-law and children are also very different from modern communication methods. Mother-in-law may use outdated communication methods, such as excessive praise, excessive blame, etc., which can easily make children feel nervous and stressed. At the same time, the communication between mother-in-law and children is also easily affected by language and cultural differences, which can easily cause communication barriers in children. To sum up, it is best not to let the mother-in-law take care of children between one and three years old. Of course, this does not mean that the mother-in-law cannot take care of the children, but during this critical period, the mother-in-law\’s education, raising and communication methods may not be consistent with modern needs, and may easily have a negative impact on the child\’s physical and mental health and intellectual development. Therefore, if family conditions permit, it is best to choose a professional nanny or kindergarten to take care of your children, which can better protect your children\’s development and health.

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