Why is it particularly important to do a good job in family education now?

Why is it particularly important to do a good job in family education now? Because the times are different now, as the saying goes, \”Sail against the current, if you don\’t advance, you will retreat.\” You may be a little confused, which is why, although our parents, grandparents, and grandparents were poor in their time, education was not a big problem? Some families often raise a dozen children and have enough to eat without any major troubles, right? Moreover, many talents are still produced, and many filial sons are still raised – then why, in today\’s extremely rich material world, which is the era we live in now, and when all conditions seem to be very good, why has education become a What about the big question? To put it simply, there are three points: one is that pervasive and unconstrained commercial information, with the help of mobile phones, the Internet, film and television, books and other media, has massively invaded, worsening the growth ecology of our children and causing them to face many challenges – this has actually caused A situation has arisen that caught us off guard. In the past, family education was just the \”icing on the cake\”, but now it has become indispensable and has a historic responsibility to protect children\’s physical and mental health. In other words, it didn’t matter if you didn’t have education in the past; but now if you don’t have a good family education, it’s hard for your child to be outstanding—and what’s worse, he may learn bad things! The second is that the structural contradiction formed by the unlimited growth of people\’s needs and the limited supply of opportunities – commonly known as \”involution\”, has caused parents who lack correct guidance to fall into unprecedented anxiety; this anxiety is directly transmitted to For children, it promotes the formation of distorted values ​​​​and a pathological growth environment. The third is that the so-called school education now seems to focus only on learning and not much else. Many of our parents understand this very well, right? Take my experience as an example: I have attended every parent-teacher meeting where the head teacher and teachers all explained the key points of learning—and almost only the learning situation. This is certainly good, but it’s hard for me to understand other things about my children—they don’t tell me. This shows that the current school education actually only focuses on performance. Download the full collection of a real Yu Shiwei lecture: Selected cases of preschool children’s family education stories in all 156 issues. What is mentioned above is the importance and necessity of good family education to protect children’s physical and mental health – well, some parents can’t listen to it. They just study. Because they study well, they think they can \”cover up all their ugliness with one handsome thing\”. First of all, I would like to say that I am very opposed to the study-only theory. However, since many parents only focus on learning, let’s talk from the perspective of learning. Even from the perspective of doing a good job in learning, family education is also very important and necessary. Let’s ask a few questions first: If you want your child to learn well, do you need him to focus on it? Would he have the motivation and stamina to focus on this? And, should he have the ability and quality to complete this matter? ——This is a question that everyone needs to understand. Because children in the past, as I mentioned above, children in the past few decades, faced a simple environment, and there were not many things that could influence and interfere with them. Not so now. There are so many things that influence and disturb him, right? Then, he willThere must be a quality that was not so much required before – that is, he must be able to resist these influences and interferences; in other words, he must be able to complete learning well with such influences and interferences. Let’s use an analogy to help everyone understand: When you ride a bicycle on an asphalt road in a sunny weather, it’s naturally smooth, right? You can easily ride in good condition and speed. But now I give you a muddy gravel road, with wind, rain, thunder and lightning – may I ask you, can you still ride so comfortably? Therefore, the environment is different and the requirements for people are also different. Generally speaking, the current environment has greatly improved the requirements for children. Therefore, this high quality requirement requires family education. It can no longer be like what it was in the past few decades – if you just let it go, he can become talented on his own. It\’s very difficult now – now if you dare to let him go, it will be good if he doesn\’t learn bad things. What kind of excellent method do you want… Continue with the above Metaphor: What kind of child can win in fierce competition? It\’s like a car race – don\’t just focus on speed; focus on improving the quality of the car. Think about it, how does a tractor compare with a Mercedes-Benz and a BMW? right? Therefore, the quality of the car determines his advantage – and similarly, the quality of the child must also determine his fundamental advantage in learning. And this quality can only be obtained by doing a good job in family education!

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