Why is the baby\’s bones all over his body ringing? There may be a problem in this part

(Image source: pexels.com) Question 1: My baby girl is now more than four months old. Recently, when I kicked my legs, I heard a ringing in the bones of my waist. The ringing was not continuous and she did not cry. I would like to ask if it has any impact? Our local doctor said it was fine and suggested that he check his bone density after he is half a year old. Dr. Cui Lixia’s answer: If it is determined that the bones in the waist are ringing, there may be hip subluxation or dislocation, or acetabular dysplasia. It is recommended to go to the orthopedics department to take a X-ray. The problem of squeaking in the limbs is not big. It is usually because the children\’s ligaments are weak, the joint sockets are shallow, the gaps between them are relatively large, the ligaments around the joints are loose, and the bones are soft. Once the feet and hands are not supported, the bones will be pulled due to \”Snap.\” Additionally, bone density testing is not required. Question 2: Why does the baby have a blocked nose and does not drink milk powder normally? Dr. Wang Yanli answered: The nose is blocked and the air is not breathable when drinking milk. You have to open your mouth to breathe, so breastfeeding will be affected. You can use a hot towel to apply to your child\’s nose to prevent the anterior fontanel area from getting cold. If the hot compress is effective, you can apply more. If it doesn\’t work and the child still feels uncomfortable, you can go to the hospital. Question 3: My baby has had diarrhea for 4 days. It seemed to be watery for the first two days, and he has been having pus and blood in his stools for the past two days. What should I do? Dr. Zhang Yanmei’s answer: For intestinal bacterial infections, it is best to check the stool routine and take cefixime first, 1/2 pack each time, twice a day, and Baoer’an granules 2/3 pack each time, 3 times a day. times, and adjust medication after inspection.

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