Why is the child tilting his head? Doctor reminds: Don’t be careless!

Question 1: The baby is more than one year old. In the past few days, his grandma said that the baby\’s neck is a little crooked, always tilting to the right. I saw it from the video and it was a little crooked. I didn\’t notice it before. I don\’t know if it was crooked before. What should I do? manage? Dr. Sun Cuiying answered: The baby\’s head tilt may be caused by habitual feeding, holding or sleeping on one side, or it may be due to torticollis. In typical torticollis, a pimple can be felt on the side of the neck where the head is tilted, which is caused by muscle contracture. It is recommended that parents take their babies to the hospital’s pediatrician for a check-up to rule out torticollis. If it is diagnosed as torticollis, it should be treated as soon as possible. Delayed treatment can easily lead to asymmetry in the size of the baby\’s face, nose, and ears. Question: A two-month-old baby has high muscle tone, frightens and shakes when sleeping, shakes violently when speaking loudly, and has cerebral congestion, infection, and hypoxia during delivery. Should he go directly to a rehabilitation center for rehabilitation? Or should I get checked first? Is a cranial magnetic resonance examination necessary? Dr. Cui Lixia answered: The examination does not affect the treatment. The cause of the disease should be examined first, and then targeted rehabilitation treatment can be carried out. A cranial magnetic resonance examination is used to check the cause of high muscle tone and see if there is a problem in the brain. Even if no problem is found, the child still needs rehabilitation treatment because he has clinical symptoms. If the problem is detected, rehabilitation treatment needs to be targeted at the cause of the problem. Question 3: Can I get pregnant during breastfeeding? My baby is now six months old and I feel like my milk supply is not too much. Is this related to my pregnancy? Dr. Zhang Yanmei’s answer: Pregnancy can occur during lactation. The decrease in milk production is related to pregnancy because of changes in hormones in the body.

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