Why is there still milk in my breasts after a year of weaning? Is it because there is no residual milk?

Question 1: It has been a year since I weaned my child. Is there anything wrong with my breasts still producing milk? How long does it usually take? Will it be affected if I have breast fibroids? Will it feel better if the residual milk is eliminated? Dr. Chen Dan answered: It\’s okay. It\’s the residual milk after weaning. Don\’t worry about it. It will disappear gradually. How long it takes depends on the individual\’s constitution. It has no effect on fibroids. It is generally not recommended to eliminate residual milk. It is a process of self-physiological metabolism. It is generally not recommended to eliminate milk when there is no accumulation of milk. Supplement: If the milk is milky white or yellow after weaning, this is normal. If blood, brown, or pus fluid is secreted after weaning, it means there is a problem with the breast glands. See a doctor as soon as possible to find out the cause. Question 2: The baby is a few days old and has eczema on his face. At first it was just a little bit, but in the past two days it has become more and more frequent, and there seems to be some redness. What caused this? How should it be cared for? Dr. Yang Lei answered: A hot and humid environment, bathing in overheated water, sweating, etc. can cause eczema or worsen existing eczema. In addition, if a child is allergic to milk protein, it can also cause repeated eczema. Therefore, avoid frequent bathing with overheated water, avoid covering up heat and sweating, and apply children\’s special moisturizer on your face to avoid dry skin. Question 3: My left arm was vaccinated when I was born. It’s been almost a month. Is this normal? Dr. Cui Lixia answered: The left arm was vaccinated with BCG vaccine after birth. This reaction is normal. If the pus comes out, you can apply iodophor, and the scab will usually form in 2-3 months.

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