Why should children stay away from mobile phones?

Mr. Zeng Shiqiang once said: \”It is difficult for the human brain to develop well if it is stimulated by radio waves too early. When children play with computers, watch TV, and play with mobile phones, they should not get too close to the radio waves, including those from induction cookers and microwave ovens, because Before a child\’s brain is fully developed, it will not recover after being injured by radio waves.\” It is undeniable that everything is a double-edged sword. If we use it well, it can help us grow. If we use it poorly, it will become Losing one\’s mind by playing with things. Nowadays, mobile phones, computers, and electronic products are everywhere, and everyone cannot live without them. From a scientific or theological perspective, it is not recommended that children be exposed to electronic products prematurely. From a theological perspective, the brain development of infants and young children requires the absorption of various energies from nature. Flowers, trees, scenery, soil, sunlight, and water flows in nature all carry their own energy and draw energy from nature. It can promote brain development and generate wisdom. Scientifically speaking, Hyung Suk Seo, a professor of neuroradiology at Korea University, announced at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America that there is a chemical imbalance in the brains of \”Internet-addicted\” teenagers, and this imbalance is related to those who experience anxiety and depression. resemblance. These smartphone-addicted teens had significantly higher scores on depression, anxiety, insomnia, and impulsivity. Pixar Animation Studio\’s Turning Red 4k Mandarin version free to watch 41GB [English with Chinese subtitles] Because children are still in the developmental stage, their brains absorb more than 60% more radiation from mobile phones than adults. This is a very scary statistic. After a long period of research, British experts found that the electromagnetic fields of mobile phones will greatly weaken children\’s fragile immune systems, which in turn will reduce children\’s resistance to the adverse effects of electromagnetic fields. Authoritative international experts engaged in radiated microwave research have discovered that mobile phones also emit microwaves while also containing \”extremely low-frequency magnetic fields\”, which may cause diseases to a certain extent, with the most significant impact on children. Spend quality time with your children. Recommended must-read parenting books for parents to accompany their children through six years of primary school electronic version pdf. If conditions permit, take your children to get in touch with nature more, see mountains and rivers, enjoy the scenery, bathe in the sun, absorb the energy of nature, and let the children walk barefoot On the thick soil, all things grow natively, which is not only good for the brain, but also good for the internal organs. Take your children to participate in more outdoor activities and prevent them from becoming slaves to material desires. Parents should lead by example. If you are addicted to your mobile phone and play games until two or three in the middle of the night, your child will only imitate it. Parents should maintain a positive attitude towards life with their children, encourage their children to boldly try every good thing, find their own hobbies, and persist in them. Not only will they become their own shining points, but they will also develop good qualities and form firm perseverance. .

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