Will you feel tired during early pregnancy?

It is said that \”the core of comedy is tragedy.\” Perhaps this sentence is most clearly reflected in expectant mothers! Expectant mothers during pregnancy are prone to fatigue, forgetfulness, hunger, mood swings, pubic bone pain, etc. Everyone must be tired of hearing this. However, do you know that the pain during pregnancy is far more than that, there are also urine leakage, bad breath, bleeding gums, constipation, etc. But who do we ask to talk to about these physical discomforts? [Latest Fourth Edition] Read the full text of the Pregnancy Bible with ultra-clear scanned PDF download 108M. Of course, some people may see the above content as a \”joke\”, but for expectant mothers, it is definitely an unspeakable \”dynamite\”. The kind that wants relief! Without further ado, I hope you can see the greatness of the expectant mother in the hilarious situation below! @鲁达: When my sister was pregnant with her niece, her belly was moving all day long, as if she was pregnant with a martial arts master, and she couldn\’t sleep at night. My brother-in-law said: \”Everyone who has a new house has to worry about it.\” As a result, she still hadn\’t given birth by the due date, and she didn\’t move for a few days. My sister was very anxious, and her brother-in-law said, \”Everyone should pack up before checking out.\” Finally, I finally gave birth, but because the fetus was too big, I had to undergo a antegrade cesarean section and had to undergo anesthesia twice. One was painless and the baby was not born, and the other was anesthetized for a caesarean section. @大爱干hat: I weighed 90 pounds before I was pregnant, and weighed 160 pounds after pregnancy and when I was about to give birth. I really couldn’t walk. I had to go out to exercise every day in the hope that I could have a normal delivery. However, because the baby was only 9 pounds or 40 pounds when I was born, I had no choice but to have a caesarean section, which was really torture. @小雅: I am 38 weeks pregnant and have severe constipation. I often have to squat for more than an hour. I\’m stuck at the door and can\’t get out, what can I do? Wearing disposable gloves and taking them out was the most disgusting thing in my life. I couldn\’t even think about it before, but for the sake of my children, I did the first impossible thing in my life. Ahem, of course, after the child was born, I made many exceptions one after another for the first time, completely losing my bottom line. @dust: I had all kinds of vomiting and discomfort in the first three months of pregnancy, but I stopped vomiting in the next few months. But my belly was too big and I could only sleep sitting up, so every night I leaned against the bed like a door god, clear and clear I could hear my husband snoring, and I could even feel him every time he turned over… It was really uncomfortable. I was forced to stay up late, and I really longed for a complete sleep. @小女: Constipation, hemorrhoids, pubic pain, back pain, cramps, and gestational diabetes all account for it. I suggest that older mothers should be cautious when planning a second child! During the few months of pregnancy, I was most afraid of going to the hospital for prenatal check-ups. Every time I heard bad news, I was almost detained and hospitalized every time. I didn\’t dare to recall how I survived. @马瑞瑞: Before pregnancy, I weighed more than 80 pounds. After I became pregnant, the fetus was found to be malnourished and too small. Later, I forced myself to eat and my weight soared to more than 150 pounds. In addition to difficulty in walking, it was mostly due to my psychological changes. During that time, I didn’t I dared to look in the mirror but didn\’t dare to take pictures. I was just a little depressed. I felt that I had given too much. Sometimes my husband just said a few words and felt abandoned. My nerves were too tight at that time. Later, it took a year after the birth to slowly calm down. Adjust it. Finally, sistersWhat \”hilarious\” situations did you encounter during pregnancy? What is the memory that left the deepest impression on you? Welcome to leave us a message in the comment area below~

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