Will your child go to heaven? It has nothing to do with my children.

Once, I took my daughter to a relative’s house to attend a party. The scene that day was that there were more than ten people in a house, all large and small. Except for the boss who was cooking in the house, everyone else was sitting together. A girl from someone\’s family, instigated by her grandmother, performed a show and sang a song for everyone. Everyone clapped politely. It just so happens that my daughter has a playful nature and doesn’t like such occasions at all. She just keeps to herself, pulling weeds and playing. I have always been very nervous about such occasions. It’s not that there is anything wrong with performing for the elders. It’s that the children were caught among the adults and forced to perform for everyone without any intention or even trying their best to resist. \”She might not want to.\” I replied politely. The girl\’s grandmother began to praise her child. While praising her, she compared it with the two children next to her – but a girl next to her also fell into the trap. The 10-year-old girl is relatively introverted by nature and has never shown any desire. Now that she is in elementary school, her performance is not outstanding. The other boy is naturally fond of performing. It is said that when he was a child, as long as adults were present and performed ancient poems and songs, he would be happy to cooperate as long as you name it. Coincidentally, this boy is now a man of the hour in the class. \”You can tell who is better when you are young. Look, those who have been coy since childhood are not as generous as those who are generous.\” The girl\’s parents looked embarrassed because they couldn\’t argue with their elders. Of course, the boy\’s parents were also embarrassed, and they didn\’t think it was a very appropriate compliment. No matter what, I should show enough generosity. The fact is that I also tried hard to suppress my usual bad temper. I said, \”Every child has his own personality, his own temper and development path. No.\” Absolute excellence and non-excellence.\” After saying that, I left the lively occasion and accompanied my daughter to pull weeds nearby. I want to avoid such noise because I hope my daughter will not get involved in price comparisons prematurely. Children are so innocent, all children are innocent. Before they could do anything else, they were already living under the eyes of others, and they couldn\’t escape. There is a saying that the clearer the child\’s living environment, the stronger his self-confidence will be when he grows up. And I want to protect her fragile heart, even if it seems a little reluctant to others. I have a good-tempered best friend. She said the first time she got angry in her life was because of her children. Her child grew up a bit free-range. Although he loved to play, he was still polite and harmless to humans and animals. It happened to be a relative of hers who always praised his grandson every time he came to her house. My best friend\’s mother doesn\’t say anything, she just praises her, and at worst she just responds. But my best friend once heard it and felt uncomfortable. The relative actually took his daughter\’s hand and said: You should learn more from so-and-so in our family. She can play the piano, and you ask your mother to teach you too. She is also very good at long-distance running. You see, you must not be good at sports despite being so tall. How is your academic performance? Her daughter said, just average. The relative said, how can it be ordinary? Our children are all among the top three in the class. My bestie is really getting angry. Your child is none of our children’s business.Moreover, there were tears in her daughter\’s eyes. She politely pulled her daughter away and said to the elder, \”I don\’t want to compare with anything. Our children are indeed more modest. There are specialties in the arts, and each child has different talents. For example, her singing and art are indeed She has won many awards. This is nothing to show off. As parents, we cultivate with all our heart, and the children grow up by themselves.\” Later, my best friend\’s mother also told her best friend in private that she felt she was a bit rude and treated her elders in a way that others would say That’s it. My best friend said, no. I don\’t allow others to hurt my children\’s self-esteem. The essential meaning of education is human education. And personalized development is the attribute of each child. However, we often overlook one point and use a narrow ruler to measure every child. Especially in the eyes of many people, he always hurts children who have no connection with him for no reason. I can\’t fight in a confrontational way against everything that is not so kind in this world, but I still want to protect my child and keep her from the harm of this world. Comparison, who is qualified to compare? However, who can resist comparisons from others? I still want to say that it is your upbringing not to criticize others, and it is my choice whether I listen to your comments or not. Every child is a unique angel in this world, so no one should compare to anyone else, and no one should have any sense of superiority. In the marathon of life, whoever runs in front never wins, but whoever lives this life in the most comfortable state is the greatest meaning of her life.

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