Witnessing the three old men scolding her daughter, the mother couldn\’t help but get angry…

The ancients said: \”If you fight for trivial matters, you will miss the road.\” Suffering some immediate losses can make people undergo experience. Temporary losses are not the purpose, but to gain wisdom and achieve higher goals. realm. There is an old saying in China: \”Suffering a loss is a blessing.\” Why is it a blessing? Because it is the cost that must be paid to achieve great victory. However, humility, patience, tolerance, and helping others, these fine traditional educational concepts in our country, have been ignored by many parents today. Everyone knows that today is a highly competitive society, so many parents think that, Today\’s children not only don\’t have to be humble when dealing with others, but the key is not to suffer losses and not do anything that will harm their own interests. Nowadays, many young parents have fallen into a misunderstanding in educating their children. They believe that children who suffer disadvantages are \”silly children\”. Only when children know how not to suffer disadvantages when they are young can they not be bullied and take advantage of others when they grow up. However, will such children really be able to avoid suffering when they grow up? At present, what most parents think of as \”suffering\” can actually be roughly summarized into the following two points: First, being bullied by other children but not fighting back. Many kindergarten teachers say that when parents come to kindergarten to pick up their children, the most frequently asked question is: \”Did anyone bully you today?\” Almost all parents are worried that their children will be bullied by other children, but I don’t know how to let my children face it correctly. Second, not taking advantage of all the small advantages and having few opportunities to express themselves are also signs that parents think their children have suffered a loss. There are also some parents who think that doing things for the group is a delay in learning, such as drawing posters and doing daily duties, and they do not want their children to participate more. Sharing toys, food and other children\’s favorite things with children, if it just \”goes without returning\”, is also a sign of \”suffering\” in the eyes of parents. After analysis, experts believe that one of the main reasons why today\’s parents are so afraid of their children suffering a loss is that they are afraid that their children\’s interests will be damaged when they grow up, because many young parents have been taught \”humility\” and \”not afraid\” since childhood. However, in today\’s society, they may be bullied and their own interests may be harmed by the education of \”suffering a loss\”. Therefore, they do not want their children to make the same mistakes again, so they think that \”honest\” is actually synonymous with \”useless\”. Furthermore, they are indeed I am worried that my child will be harmed, especially my child\’s body will be harmed, so I am always afraid that my child will be bullied by other children. Finally, those who want to take advantage of everything may have developed the habit of always taking free things from home regardless of whether they need them or not. Tolerance, humility, and not being afraid of suffering will not necessarily harm your own interests. Sharing the things you love with others will not damage the things themselves, but will make them more valuable. \”Bad\” parents have always understood that letting their children learn \”not to suffer losses\” seems to be teaching them not to suffer losses, but it makes them suffer big losses. By educating children to be kind and helpful to others, although the children may suffer a small loss in the immediate future, in the long run, it will be of great benefit to their future growth and success. Therefore, \”bad\” parents believe that as a parent,Don\’t be too diligent and help your children with everything. It is better to be a \”bad\” parent and not stand up for your children. This is teaching your children the most precious principles of life. So, what should parents teach their children about the problem of suffering? First of all, let the children establish the value of \”eating a small loss\”. Let\’s take the example of a child being beaten by another child. Some mothers think it\’s no big deal, while other mothers will get furious and come to the house to punish the child. In fact, as long as the child\’s personal safety is not endangered, the child\’s self-esteem is not hurt, and the child\’s growth is not shadowed, these losses can be called \”small losses.\” There is no need to \”tit for tooth, eye for eye.\” Parents teach their children how to take \”little losses\”, which can help cultivate their children\’s healthy psychology, form good character, adapt to setbacks and learn skills to interact with others, and promote the socialization process of their children. Secondly, parents should also tell their children that there is a bottom line for \”suffering\” and that everything should be realistic and concrete. If the child\’s personal dignity and personal safety are involved, mothers should tell their children how to express their dissatisfaction correctly. The following example can give parents a standard for what kind of \”deficiency\” even \”cruel\” parents should not let their children eat: Beibei and Qiangqiang had a conflict. One day Beibei and her mother were in the community. While playing, I happened to meet Qiangqiang and his family. As soon as Qiangqiang\’s mother, Lao Lao, and Lao Ye saw Bei Bei, they all surrounded Bei Bei and scolded him. Poor Bei Bei was so frightened that he cried loudly. When Beibei\’s mother saw this situation, although she always taught Beibei not to be afraid of suffering, she was still angry because she thought that the other party\’s actions had caused harm to her daughter, so she said to the other party seriously: \”It\’s between children.\” The conflicts should be resolved by themselves. You have no reason or qualification to reprimand my daughter!\” Then he grabbed her daughter into his arms and quickly comforted her: \”Don\’t be afraid, mom is here! They are unreasonable in reprimanding you. Yes. Mom believes in you, even if you make mistakes, you will correct them!\” The above example tells us that \”bad\” parents do not actually dislike their children, but they should know when to show protection for their children and not let them Suffer. So, as a parent, what should be the correct approach after a child \”suffers\”? First of all, \”bad\” parents know that they must look at problems from the perspective of their children. Some problems that may be serious in the eyes of parents are just trivial fights in their children\’s interactions, and vice versa; secondly, when If you think your child has been wronged, please patiently ask your child a few more questions about why and what to do. Sometimes children have their own ways to solve problems. When children appear confused, parents can guide their children to think of ways to solve them, and briefly analyze with their children the pros and cons of several solutions that can be discussed. Slowly, the children will learn In order to understand the correct ideas and methods that should be adopted when facing similar problems, it is said that it is better to teach a man to fish than to teach him to fish. In addition, \”bad\” parents also know full well that although they can be \”cruel\” and let their children suffer some small losses and gain some wisdom, they must insist on setting an example.This is the basis for educating children well. If parents are not afraid of suffering in daily life and understand the philosophy of \”taking a step back, the sky will be brighter\”, then over time, the children will become equally open-minded as human beings. Teaching by precept and example is most effective. \”Bad\” parents will take the opportunity to educate their children when they themselves \”suffer\”, so that their children can experience their parents\’ survival philosophy.

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