Yang Jiang: Good family tradition is the greatest wealth left to children

Yang Jiang said: \”You have to understand that giving birth to a son does not mean you will have support, nor does giving birth to a daughter mean you are lucky. The truth is that after giving birth to a child, a good education is the truth. After all, no one wants to marry an ancestor, and no one wants to marry an uncle.\” \”The old man said: Raising a son without education is like raising a donkey, raising a daughter without education is like raising pigs. If you don\’t take care of your children, you will be a rebellious son. If you are pampered, you will be a naughty daughter. Without tutoring, there will be no education. Without education, there will be no adults. A family leaves its children with the best property. \”It\’s not about houses, cars and money, but about good family tradition and family rules.\” It\’s so well said. Whether it\’s a son or a daughter, family tradition is the most important. If you can educate children who know how to be grateful, it will be the greatest wealth. Those who are self-reliant cannot be knocked down, and those who abandon themselves cannot be supported. If the character is not good, no matter how good other performance is, it will be a disaster to stay around. I think of a father who took his son past a beggar. He said to his son: \”You should study hard so that they can all have jobs in the future.\” I believe that 80% of people, when faced with the same situation, would say: \”You can\’t see it well.\” If you study well, you will be like them in the future.\” A mother took her son to see an art museum in Los Angeles. There were many homeless people sleeping on the roadside. The son was very curious, so she told him that everyone has their own way of life. People like to live a free life. In fact, the best education is not to belittle others, but to make yourself stronger and then help others. While helping yourself, you can also help those in need. This is real education. Good family traditions and good family training stories create good children. A 100-day plan for parent-child interaction pdf. Instead of blindly lowering your own bottom line to adapt to a bad environment, you must find ways to change the environment so that everyone\’s bottom line can be higher. Same things, different education methods, of course, the children raised will have different values. The seed of integrity and kindness instilled by a father will be deeply planted in the hearts of children. Only when they are useful and capable can they provide help to those in need. This is determined by realm and cognition. Carnegie once said: \”The world\’s most powerful weapon is the atomic bomb, and the second most powerful weapon is language and thought.\” Sure enough, once in a lifetime, the power is once-in-a-lifetime. Once the thinking changes, the artistic conception will be different. The situation was suddenly opened up. Mr. Yang Jiang once said: \”The greatest wealth of a family is the father\’s overall situation and the mother\’s good mood.\” Only with a good family tradition can a good family be built; only with a good family tradition can the family be strong and the family will be beautiful. We are born as human beings and raise children with filial piety. Only with a good family tradition can we cultivate excellent children, and only with excellent parents can we educate children with the same three views. Life is a practice of self-improvement. Frustration is the step of life, and hardship is the best experience. All experiences, whether sad or joyful, are meant to shape a more perfect self. Parents being good themselves and having a good family tradition and tutoring are the most precious wealth of a family and the best legacy left to future generations.

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