You are not the child’s biological mother, so why should you point fingers?

\”My son is 2 years old and is still breastfeeding…\” Before the Mid-Autumn Festival, Chenchen\’s mother left a message backstage, saying that since Chenchen was half a year old, her grandparents, seven aunts and eight aunts began to say that the milk was no longer nutritious; After Chenchen turned one year old, her parents, including her husband, began to waver in her determination to breastfeed. For a period of time, Chenchen had frequent night feedings. Chenchen\’s mother went to work during the day and woke up six or seven times at night. She had more and more gray hair and her temper became very bad. Her husband even said that she \”deserved it, you didn\’t ask for it.\” Her husband\’s lack of support almost caused her to collapse, and she even suffered from mild depression for a while. Later, she followed her friend\’s advice and stopped night feeding for her son. The child could sleep through the night, and her sleep also improved greatly. I got up in the morning and fed once, and fed once after get off work. In the blink of an eye, I lasted until the child was 2 years old. I also met a group of mothers who were preparing to wean naturally. They encouraged each other and made persistence no longer so difficult. Whether to breastfeed or not, how long to breastfeed, mixed feeding or single feeding is a choice between the mother and the baby and has nothing to do with anyone else. If you can\’t understand, please respect the mother\’s and baby\’s personal choices. \”My daughter is 3 years old, and I am still a full-time mother…\” From the seventh month of pregnancy, Coco\’s mother quit her job to focus on raising the baby at home. After the baby was born, she focused exclusively on the baby. Her husband supports her choice, pays her full salary, and uses the bonus to buy small gifts for her from time to time. The originally peaceful and beautiful life was suddenly disrupted by the arrival of her mother-in-law. My mother-in-law came to Nanjing for a minor operation and stayed there for about three weeks. She, who always favored sons over daughters, felt very uncomfortable when she saw her son busy doing laundry, washing dishes, and cleaning the room as soon as he got off work. He was also \”called around\” by his daughter-in-law from time to time. One time, when her daughter-in-law asked her son to wash the children\’s clothes, the mother-in-law couldn\’t help but burst out: \”It\’s okay if you don\’t go to work at a young age. It\’s hard work to raise a child. When I was raising three children by myself, I wasn\’t as busy as you. . My son is so tired from working all day. Won’t you let him rest?” In fact, before her mother-in-law came, the old lady in the community had asked Coco’s mother more than once: “You haven’t gone to work in the past two or three years. Are you not afraid of your husband?” Are you a mess? Besides, don’t you want to improve your child’s economic conditions? You are young, don’t think about enjoyment…\” Damn it! Enjoy trying it with your kids 24 hours a day! Regarding these \”enthusiastic\” neighbors, Coco\’s mother was originally quite calm, but when her mother-in-law said it, she was not only angry but also a little sad: Is the value of a full-time mother so penniless? Like many mothers who take care of their children full-time, Coco\’s mother is at home and has not relaxed mentally. She takes care of her children while working part-time in a small business to support her family. Like her, mothers who stay at home full time, some take advantage of their children’s sleep to read certain certified teaching materials to prepare for their future re-entry into the workplace, and some simply start self-media… Although they do not \”work\” in the traditional sense ”, but has been working hard to increase its value. Therefore, if relatives and friends do not fully understand stay-at-home mothers, please do not judge them. As far as I know, many mothers contribute to the family economy while raising children, and their income is higher than when they work.How much higher. \”My son is 3 years old and 3 months old and still wearing diapers…\” Too many people have complained about the struggle between diapers and diapers. As a mother who is not averse to using diapers for her children, since my classmate Zhe was about 1 year old, I have been popularized by enthusiastic people from all walks of life: It is so painful to cover my children with thick diapers on this hot day; look at my grandson It\’s so cool. When I wear open crotch pants, there\’s wind everywhere. I\’ve always taken my granddaughter with her, and she pees since she was a little girl. When she was just 1 year old, she would wake up in the middle of the night and say pee… Now classmate Zhe is 3 years and 3 months old, and she has to pee at night. Wear a pull-up. After my child turned 2 years old, I don’t know how many people accused me of being too doting on my child and not training him to pee on his own at such an old age. To be honest, I really don’t know what the standards are for children to wear diapers or not, but I know my own child very well: he has not been able to hold back his diapers since he was a child. When he was about 20 months old, after being guided, he could go to the toilet independently during the day; When I go out without wearing diapers, most of the time I can tell me that I need to pee or have a bowel movement; after entering kindergarten, I can get up and tell the teacher when I want to pee during nap time… just like some children have already started talking. Whether a child speaks late is the same as whether the child can go to the toilet independently at night. I believe that every child has his own natural laws. There is no need for me to feel that I have failed in parenting just because he is different from \”others\”. This principle is the same as that some people become incontinent at the age of 75, while some people are still strong and able to take care of themselves at the age of 85. Why do we allow an old man to \”not be able to control himself\” but criticize a two or three-year-old child for not being able to follow the crowd in a certain aspect of his development? One time I took classmate Zhe to play, and an old lady and her granddaughter, who was less than two years old, proudly told me about her experience of peeing. I listened with a smile and interacted with classmate Zhe. Classmate Zhe suddenly asked loudly: \”Mom, have you brought me a diaper?\” The old lady looked surprised: \”I am over 3 years old, and I still wear a diaper. ?\” I replied calmly: \”Yes, when the child is ready, it won\’t be necessary.\” The old lady continued: \”It\’s time to train. If you still wear diapers at such an old age, you will be laughed at.\” Saying this, I endured it. But then, she actually said to classmate Zhe directly: \”You are already a big boy, and you still wear diapers. Are you ashamed? Look, my sister is one year younger than you and doesn\’t even wear diapers…\” A child over 3 years old, Already having a high self-esteem, he was obviously unhappy and simply frowned. I smiled at the old lady: \”Haha.\” Then I picked up the child and said, \”It\’s okay, my mother wet the bed when she was in elementary school, and some grandmas also have to wear diapers…\” After hearing this, Classmate Zhe smiled. At that moment, he felt that \”his mother was on his side.\” This feeling gave him super power to resist criticism from the outside world…

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