You clipped my wings, but complained that I couldn\’t fly

Recently, an animated short film \”Alike\” from Barcelona has been widely circulated. In this short film of a few minutes, it tells the story of a father who has been trying to teach his son to study and live in the \”correct\” way in the busy urban life. The so-called \”correct\” refers to what adults think of as a routine life, a life that everyone lives, going to school and working mechanically. Everyone does it, and you should do it too. Similar, similar. You have to live a life similar to everyone else, and you can\’t go beyond the rules or have your own personality. In the short film, a father asked his son to carry a heavy schoolbag to school. The child\’s young shoulders could not bear it and he staggered around. They walked through a gray background, lifeless. Suddenly, a bright light appeared in the city. A violin artist was playing. The son was attracted by the beautiful music and did not even notice that his schoolbag had fallen. The sons were cruelly taken away by their father, and they went to work and school respectively. The father began to work like a machine. On my son\’s side, the teacher taught him the uppercase and lowercase letters of ABCD, but he excitedly started drawing the violinist he saw on the road. After being asked by the teacher to redraw, he completed the task assigned by the teacher with an \”innovative style\”, showing great imagination and artistic talent. However, in the end, he had to follow the teacher\’s requirements and learn to write ABCD honestly. Under the supervision of adults, children lose their curiosity and enthusiasm and become unhappy. The father finally understood that making his children happy was the most important thing, but when they came to the place where the violinist had played, they found that there was no one there. When the child was leaving in disappointment, he found his father standing there and dancing. The child was very happy, and the colors of the father and son slowly changed from dull to beautiful. This is a thought-provoking and good work. It profoundly reflects our monotonous education, work and life. In this society, it is a luxury to have a little bit of individuality. How many children with different personalities and talents are forced to give up their characteristics in the face of the pressure of exam-oriented education and similar values, like angels with their wings clipped. It could have been full of flowers in various forms, but in the end it was reduced to featureless products on the assembly line. There is a friend who often complains to me. After her son graduated from college last year, his job has been difficult. The child has become more and more introverted, and the whole family is in a bad mood. With the child like this, the two friends have a lot of responsibility. When that child was young, he was so lively and cheerful and loved by everyone! He especially likes sports, especially track and field. His teachers say he is a good prospect and suggest that he develop in this field. The child was very happy, but her friend and her husband were not happy. They felt that after studying physical education, the employment prospects would be too narrow and it would be difficult to find a job, so they refused. From then on, the child never smiled happily again. Not only that, her friend also forced her child to learn piano because she felt that playing the piano elegantly and elegantly would help her find a decent and well-paying job in the future. The child hated learning piano very much, but under her coercion and inducement, he had to give in, but the learning effect was not good. During the college entrance examination, the child did not get into the music conservatory that his parents dreamed of. He ended up going to a very average junior college with a major that he was not interested in. After graduation, without a good diploma or any skills, the workThe operation was not going well. He was supposed to be a lively young man, but he was like those colorless and numb people in the short film. When friends see him anxious, he often complains that his son doesn\’t work hard enough and doesn\’t seek to make progress. After she complained again, her son suddenly exploded and shouted: \”It\’s all your fault! I don\’t like playing the piano, but you insist on forcing me to learn it. I like sports, but you don\’t let me! I was young at the time and couldn\’t resist. You have harmed me, and now you are blaming me!\” After hearing this, my friend burst into tears. The child is right! Some of his classmates at that time were very good at sports. They followed the teacher\’s advice and learned sports. Later, some became professional players, some became teachers, and some became fitness coaches. They all lived a happy life. Tasty. She regretted it. If she had respected her child\’s choice and let him learn the sports he liked, he would definitely be much happier now. Around us, looking around, there are many small children carrying big schoolbags and wearing thick glasses. They are rushing to various cram schools, taking cultural classes to learn painting, painting, piano, etc. Play the piano and learn to dance… If you catch a random kid and ask him how many things he has learned, he will be able to tell you one, two, three, four, five. If you ask them if they all like it, most of them will say: That\’s it, it doesn\’t matter whether they like it or not. Anyway, my parents ask me to learn it and say that everyone else is learning it, so I have no choice but to learn it. Our parents always hope that their sons will become dragons and their daughters will become phoenixes. They hope that they will have all kinds of martial arts skills and that when they grow up, they can travel freely in the world, stand out and be worry-free. The starting point is good, but have you ever thought that if you don\’t respect the individuality of your children, don\’t teach them in accordance with their aptitude, or even encourage them to grow, will they be able to bear fruit? Another important point is that if you only require children to master talents, but do not spend time teaching them life skills and how to behave in the world, even if the children become outstanding in a certain field in the future, they will not know how to behave and will be self-centered and have no one. If you like it but no one wants to cooperate with it, will it be successful? Will you be happy? The answer is obvious, and there are many examples of high scores and low abilities. Who is responsible? It’s worth thinking about for every parent. Learn to be a person first, then learn to do things. If people can\’t do it well, how can they expect to achieve anything? Interest is the best teacher, and characteristics are the most dazzling brilliance. If you deprive children of their interests and hobbies and erase their characteristics, it is tantamount to cruelly cutting off the children\’s ideal wings. Without wings, how can they fly? Countless experiences and lessons have shown that only by teaching children how to behave, respecting their interests and hobbies, and giving full play to their strengths, can children grow up happily and healthily, become useful people, and live a wonderful life. Because doing these two things is like giving your child wings that can fly into the sky. Don\’t wait until one day, when your child can\’t do anything, you blame him for not being able to fly, and he in turn blames you for clipping his wings. Both sides suffer, and there is no place to talk about desolation.

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