You must know the two key abilities to cultivate outstanding children

Children who come back from abroad are generally very simple, or \”silly\”, but in fact they are able to eat well, sleep well, and are healthy. If I had to choose one, I would definitely choose a child who can eat well and sleep well, rather than a gifted child. My children, no matter how talented they are, must have one skill to acquire and one skill not to lose: sports and sleep. 36 Kinds of Parenting Methods by Chen Meiling to Help Your Children Go Directly to Top Universities MP3 [Complete] Sports helps children learn to transcend themselves. We are not a sports home, so sports talent is out of the question. But I hope that my children will develop at least one sports specialty, preferably to the level of participating in the school team. I agree with what a friend said, that in addition to improving health and cultivating team awareness, sports also play two key roles in children\’s growth: first, when they reach adolescence, their extra energy has somewhere to use it; second, now These children with better conditions actually don’t have much opportunity to endure hardship. Being outstanding in sports requires years of repeated hard training. Sports training is a way to challenge yourself and achieve long-term goals. Nearly 10 years later, the second child Qiqi still plays football, trains and competes every week. He became more and more fond of football and began to enjoy the joy of mastering the game. He also practiced shooting against the sofa at home. He took the ball with him every time he went to the park. He also memorized the name of each player of the world-famous team, how much the transfer cost, and when he scored which wonderful goal. Heart. There are also children with similar interests in his circle of friends. The second child himself is a relatively gentle child who doesn\’t like competition. However, in training or competition, if he is too humble, he will lose. He needs to learn to become more \”aggressive\” on his own basis, and also learn to deal with other \”aggressive\” people. Aggressive\” children. Coupled with the team spirit I mentioned in \”Complex Skills Training\”, this sports activity has great benefits in cultivating Qiqi\’s character. When children are young and cannot yet see where their talents lie, they should be allowed to try a variety of things. Just like the various intellectual abilities, each child\’s physical abilities are different. If parents force their children to learn a certain sport based on their own preferences or what other children do, it may be very painful for the children to learn it. But doing the sports you like is a very enjoyable thing. The eldest, Kaikai, is an extremely healthy, energetic child who is absolutely brilliant at playing and being naughty. Once, the school took them to the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region to sandboard on a sand mountain. According to Kaikai, many classmates only complained about climbing up and down once or twice, but he kept climbing and sliding down all morning without stopping. In fact, the eldest child tried many sports activities when he was young, including football, basketball, etc., but he was not good at them. But in the end, he found a sport that suited his personality, which was swimming. This is a solo, boring sport, and training often lasts two hours, but this is what he likes most. He plays on the school team and practices every week. During the busiest year of high school, the oldest said that swimming was actually the best way for him to reduce stress. The blue swimming pool is my paradise. Although I also compete hard here and try my best to surpass my friends,Friends, but it gives people a sense of calmer. Here I can step away from my role in classroom learning and just swim. I love the feeling I get when I jump into the pool after my teammates arrive during a relay race. I love being focused on every second and completely focused on staying ahead. I love the soreness I feel after every hard workout. That’s me. Proof of hard work. Thanks to swimming, it makes me calm down every day. It made me not only a better athlete, but a better student and a happier person. Sports can improve children\’s cognitive abilities. There is a scientific basis for sports or physical exercise to promote a person\’s overall health (including cognitive abilities). John J. Lightey, a professor at Harvard Medical School, found: \”Physical exercise itself cannot make you smarter, but it can put your brain in a state most conducive to learning.\” People who exercise regularly tend to be more active . Experiments have shown that after even 20 minutes of exercise, the subject\’s cerebral cortex will be significantly more active than before exercise, because exercise can stimulate the secretion of related hormones and make the brain more adaptable to rapid thinking activities. Therefore, sports exercise not only the body. In our family, other extracurricular projects and talents besides sports are just for the children to have fun with. I have not specially cultivated them or have not successfully cultivated them. Saturdays in our family are always free, so that the whole family can go to the countryside to play, or have leisure time to sleep in. On Sundays, the middle child usually plays football and the eldest child swims. Children have never had to rush to learn all kinds of things on Saturdays and Sundays. The eldest son studied piano for several years when he was a child. Since I, as a mother, do not have high requirements, he kept practicing and gave up when he was in junior high school. The second son also studied violin for a year or two. When I saw a classmate studying there, I asked for it and recently switched to a drum set. In my opinion, the purpose of all these activities is to make them happy, exposed to everything, have a little skill, and make it easier to play with friends in the future. It also serves the purpose of occupying their time so they don\’t play video games all day long. The so-called talent, if the child really likes it and can use it as a hobby or even a career, that is very good. In addition, I think talent should be regarded as \”playing\” rather than \”learning\”. It is better to urge children to sleep than to let them stay up late to study. Although everyone knows the connection between sleep and health, sleep is rarely mentioned at the same time as education. Russell Foster, professor of sleep and circadian neurology at the University of Oxford, once pointed out that sleep is not just about rest. According to the latest brain science research, brain cells are reorganized and reorganized during sleep, ignoring millions of impurities of information during the day, allowing important things to deepen their impression, thereby doubling human creativity. Research shows that children who do not develop the habit of going to bed on time as early as early childhood often do worse when they enter school than those who do. In an experiment that counted the sleeping habits of 11,200 3-year-old children, researchers found that children who did not develop the habit of going to bed on time had better math, reading skills and IQ at the age of 7 than the other group.Low, and girls are more affected by bedtime than boys. Other researchers found that sleep-deprived 11-year-olds scored no significantly different on logic tests than 9-year-olds. Experts believe that the reason sleep is so important for children is that it allows the brain to fully relax and review the knowledge and skills learned during the day. The National Sleep Foundation recommends sleep time for children as shown in the following table: Recommended daily sleep time for age newborns (0-3 months) 14-17 hours infants (4-11 months) 12-15 hours toddlers (1- 2 years) 11-14 hours Preschoolers (3-5 years) 10-13 hours Elementary school students (6-13 years) 9-11 hours Teens (14-17 years) 8-10 hours Young adults (18-25 years) 7-9 hours We all know that good living habits can benefit a person for life, and everyone is born lazy. Children need to go through certain efforts to develop good habits. Children need our daily help and our words and deeds to gradually develop good habits such as sleeping on time, paying attention to hygiene, maintaining exercise, and eating healthily. I don\’t have a great tip when it comes to getting kids to go to bed, I just don\’t give in. How to stimulate students\’ learning interest and motivation to download the full video. The biggest battle in our family is to urge the children, mainly the eldest, to go to bed instead of studying. This is a protracted battle, and even if I can\’t win, I will insist on doing it with such intensity that it will make calluses come out of their ears.

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