Your mouth really determines your child’s life

Everyone has a long life to go, and the words of parents are the street lights for children on their way forward. Parents\’ mouths can be the warm sunshine of March or the cold wind of the twelfth lunar month; they can be the gurgling water or the stormy waves. Every child is a blank piece of paper when he opens his eyes. Parents\’ words and deeds are pen and ink, adding different colors to the white paper. Parents’ mouths determine the path of their children. Parents\’ daily words determine their children\’s attitudes. Parents are their children\’s first teachers and the teachers who accompany their children the longest. \”It\’s the father\’s fault if you don\’t educate your children.\” From ignorance at birth to a clear understanding of right and wrong, parents play an important role in the growth of their children. \”It\’s not like a family doesn\’t come into the same house.\” We can always find similarities between children and their parents in daily life. In fact, this is a subtle influence. The ancients said, \”Those who are close to vermillion are red, and those who are close to ink are black.\” The environment is very important to a person\’s growth. In the environment, the importance of family environment is self-evident. More than half of a person\’s life belongs to the family, especially in childhood, this time is even more. It is said that children are the shadow of their parents. When children know nothing and explore the world for the first time, they imitate and learn from their parents. If parents speak positively and politely in daily life, their children will also become polite; if their parents complain frequently and use swear words, their children will not have good literacy. In daily life, parents must be strict with themselves and set a good example for their children. Don’t blame others, don’t say bad words, and don’t slander others behind their backs. The words parents use to treat others determine their children\’s interpersonal relationships. Many children suffer from social phobia and are at a loss as to how to get along with others and how to make friends with others. In fact, this is closely related to the fact that their parents did not set a good example for them in their childhood. Following the example, how parents interact with others and how they treat friends and relatives, children will continue to imitate through daily observation and then derive their own way of making friends and doing things. If parents are duplicitous towards their friends, their children will naturally not learn to treat others sincerely. If parents are not filial to their parents, their children will naturally have no sense of filial piety. \”Many friends, many paths\”, interpersonal relationships are very important to a person\’s development. No one can live without friends, and no one can survive alone. The future world belongs to those who have good interpersonal relationships and know how to get along. If parents sincerely care for their children, they must let their children learn to get along with others, and let their children find out how to treat others by observing themselves and others. Parents\’ words determine the future of their children. Don\’t be too harsh on your friends and relatives, and know how to treat them with empathy. Don\’t be mercenary when treating friends, understand that friendship is priceless. Parents\’ words to their children affect their children\’s psychology. Words are like an invisible knife. Although the wound cannot be seen, once it is stabbed, it will not heal for a long time. According to a survey by psychological experts, many people with psychological disorders are caused by verbal stimulation when they were young. The reason why this kind of verbal stimulation is so powerful is that it comes from the mouth of the closest relatives. Many parents always believe that there is no overnight feud between parents and children. No matter how ugly the words are, they will not blame me and understand my painstaking efforts. But in fact, when a child is hit by language, no matter how you explain it later, you cannot eliminate it.Wound. Parents yelling at their children because of their mistakes can make their children feel scared and nervous, and can also make them deny themselves and become less confident. Parents who use cold violence or verbal cynicism towards their children will develop a strong rebellious psychology in their children, and then take drastic actions to attract attention. In fact, it is not that the child is crooked, nor is it that the child is ignorant, but your careless words have pushed the child into a crooked path. When talking to your child, you should put your child on an equal footing with you. Don\’t criticize easily, and don\’t be tolerant or indulgent. Talk to your child well and communicate with him as an adult. A parent\’s mouth is both a flower and a sword. It can pave the child\’s path with the fragrance of flowers, and also make the child\’s path filled with thorns. Parents\’ words determine the future of their children.

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