Yu Minhong: Husband and wife cannot tear each other down in front of their children

Yu Minhong once shared a story in his speech. When my child was 10 years old, he wanted an Apple tablet. The two fathers and sons made an agreement that the child must read twenty books before he could get a tablet computer as a reward. When the child read the tenth book, Yu Minhong happened to be on a business trip. Unexpectedly, when he came home, he found his son holding the tablet and having a great time. When he came back, the child proudly showed off to him, saying that his mother had bought a tablet computer as a gift to him because he couldn\’t stand his nudges. Yu Minhong in the video could only spread his hands, feeling helpless. In fact, in life, such stories almost abound. The Angry Birds Movie 2 download [4K Blu-ray original disc 2160p 44.6G] At home, one party makes the rules and the other party breaks them. Under the pull of adults, children either learn to read words, become cunning, or become inferior. Sensitive and submissive. American psychologist Seidez said: \”People are like ceramics, and early childhood is like the clay used to make ceramics. What kind of education they are given will determine what kind of prototype they will become.\” An education model that undermines each other will not produce outstanding students. child. Mutual discord is the root cause of family conflicts. I once read a survey: Do you have differences with your significant other because of different educational views? As a result, more than 80% of parents expressed their affirmation. Not only that, many parents often quarrel because of disagreements. Not only are they exhausted, but their children are also deeply affected. When watching the reality show \”Mother-in-law and Mom\”, I was quite moved by one of the scenes. When Huang Shengyi\’s youngest son An Lin was taking hip-hop classes, he couldn\’t concentrate and kept making mistakes in his movements. Huang Shengyi\’s husband, Yang Zi, shouted at his son: \”The movements must be standard, try again!\” \”If you can\’t match the music, you can\’t drink water!\” Huang Shengyi felt very distressed when he saw this, and while handing the child water, he advised her husband not to be too harsh. But Yang Zi roughly pulled Huang Shengyi away and told her not to speak. After the dance class ended, the dispute between the two still did not stop. Huang Shengyi blamed Yang Zi for being too strict, while Yang Zi kept accusing Huang Shengyi of enrolling her children in too many classes, and even yelled at her: \”You will make your son useless!\” The children saw all these quarrels and roars. His originally nervous expression turned into confusion and fear. There is a similar scene in \”The Story of a Young Man\”. The boy Huang Zijian shouted on the rooftop that his parents always quarreled because of his study and homework problems. Both of them want to prove that their methods are right, and they often go to war while talking. One time, Huang Zijian wanted to play a game. His father thought he could play the game first, but his mother thought he should study first. The two quarreled more and more fiercely over this, and even reached the point of divorce. At this point, the boy burst into tears: \”If I studied well and had good habits, my parents wouldn\’t quarrel.\” Through the screen, you can feel the little boy\’s heartbreak. A university in the United States spent three years studying 169 children aged 5-10. The results of the study found that in families where the relationship between husband and wife is not harmonious and parents like to denigrate each other, children are more likely to get sick and have psychological problems. In a child’s little world,Parents are natural role models. If parents are always attacking each other and at war with each other, the children will become anxious and helpless, become inferior and timid, and even develop an avoidance mentality. They \”tear down\” each other, and ultimately \”tear down\” the relationship between husband and wife, as well as the future of their children. In psychology, there is a watch law: having more than two watches will not judge the time more accurately, but will create confusion. In fact, the same is true for our education. If parents always have their own opinions on parenting issues and refuse to give in to each other, it will only make their children take more detours in their growth. In the TV series \”In the Name of Family\”, Qi Mingyue\’s mother is extremely strict with her. Qi\’s father, on the surface, listens to his mother in everything, but in fact, he doesn\’t really agree with his mother. The husband and wife often scold each other in front of their children when they get emotional. In such a family atmosphere, Qi Mingyue became naughty and rebellious. She is afraid of her mother and does not trust her father. In life, whatever her mother says, she either obeys it or turns a deaf ear to it. When filling in her application for the college entrance examination, her mother chose the University of Political Science and Law for her. However, she deliberately missed one answer sheet during the college entrance examination to resist her mother\’s strict control. Parents work hard for their children\’s future, but their children use their own future to get angry. An educationist once said: Most rebellious children have a pair of parents who disagree with each other. The more outstanding the child, the more consistent the parents are in family education. I watched a video on the Internet. The two brothers did something wrong and were reprimanded by their mother. They complained to their father and confidently said that their mother was \”too cruel\” and \”the education method was wrong.\” But the father stood up firmly with the mother and told the children: \”Mom and I are consistent in the way we educate you. You are a man and you have to be responsible for your actions.\” The father\’s answer not only made the children see His support for his mother also made the child aware of the rules of the family. Kuwaiti female writer Munir Nasuf said: It is very important for parents to have the same opinions and attitudes. Otherwise, the efforts of either parent to educate and transform their children will be in vain. When parents respect and support each other, their children will be brave and confident and have a promising future. Parents with good family education are \”super allies\” Education expert Sun Yunxiao once said that the effectiveness of education depends on the consistency of education. With good family education, both parents will stand on a united front. I hope these 3 suggestions will inspire you. 1. To take care of your children, you only need one voice. Han Feizi once said: \”If there are two nobles in the family, their work will be in vain; if the husband and wife are in charge, the children will have no choice.\” Good family education only needs one voice. Just like the father in the video above, there is no sweet-faced relationship between him and his mother. \”We all have to listen to our mother.\” Only by educating children that parents stand on the same line can children trust their parents and better abide by the rules. . Only when couples are in sync with each other and become one, can they become a source of security for their children. 2. Discuss when encountering problems and communicate in everything. Children\’s book author Rei Mikawa once shared her own story. When her child was in first grade, she only scored 68 points in a Chinese language test. When they saw the score, she and her husband were devastated. two peopleEveryone had their own ideas on whether to interfere with children\’s learning, but after discussion, they finally reached an agreement and decided not to interfere. The common goal of the two is to cultivate the habit of reading and writing in their children. For three years, both of them strictly implemented this rule. Three years later, the child\’s Chinese scores can basically remain in the first or second place. There is a saying that if the exit of family education is consistent, the entrance of children\’s thinking will be smooth. If parents communicate more when encountering problems, their children will know how to cooperate and have a bright background for growth. 3. Parents’ love for each other is the greatest support for their children. Wu Zhihong once said: \”Parents are a child\’s greatest destiny. If parents love each other, the child can be full of happiness.\” Only by loving each other and not tearing each other down can parents give their children the most solid protection. In the variety show \”My Girl\”, Jiao Junyan\’s father talked about education methods and said that he and his partner would try to maintain a harmonious state in front of their children. Because of this, Jiao Junyan has lived a confident life since she was a child. She calls herself a \”spiritually rich second generation\” and is not afraid of any storms from the outside world. The so-called family education is nothing more than an extension of the couple’s life concepts and relationship patterns. When parents tear each other down and slander each other, their children will lose in the end. Only when parents are of the same mind and the family is harmonious can they provide their children with a steady stream of love and confidence. I very much agree with this passage: \”Parents are the two pillars in the child\’s world. If these two pillars are not only in harmony, but also accuse each other of not being tall and strong, the child\’s world will become low, narrow, and possibly even Collapse.\” What is the relationship between parents and what is the destiny of their children? The best education for children is for parents to keep each other in check. Click \”Like\”, the husband and wife respect each other as guests, keep in step, and work together to protect the healthy growth of their children.

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