• Wed. Feb 21st, 2024

yy naughty kid\’s super ecstasy sleeping posture picture, so funny

When a naughty child makes a fuss, the whole family will not be at peace, but you can imagine that when the naughty child falls asleep, it will also make the mummies laugh and cry. If you don’t believe it, come and have a look~ The free-wheeling suitcase and the mobile cradle, how could it be possible? It\’s tiring to squat on the toilet without falling asleep. Let\’s sleep for a while~ Dad\’s shoes are the most comfortable. It\’s not easy to rely on shopping if you want. You can go shopping first~ This chocolate is so delicious. I will recall the garbage in my dream. The barrel is so comfortable. If you don’t believe me, try it. Only a box can give me a sense of security. Don’t disturb me. The nest of my lawless dog friend is also mine. No one can snatch it. Even if the President of the United States is here, I still have to sleep. Lying on my stomach. You can fall asleep on the stairs without fear of falling down? Climbing up the TV cabinet is a technical job, but sleeping on the TV cabinet is even better! Can you fall asleep while swimming without fear of being washed away by the water? Be sure not to fall asleep while sledding, otherwise what will you do if you get lost? The weird sleeping position is a 90° bowed sleeping position, which is so polite. If you turn somersaults on the cloud, you will wake up as Sun Wukong! Sleeping with your head up, you can fall asleep standing up~ Sleeping upside down, I am the \”King of Kung Fu\”. When sleeping, I pull my legs up to promote blood circulation~ These naughty children really don\’t worry about their parents when they sleep~ Do you have one at home? Such a naughty kid?

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