10 factors that damage fetal growth and development are

During pregnancy, a good understanding of pregnancy health care can help expectant mothers maintain a healthy body and ensure the healthy development of the fetus. However, wrong concepts will have a negative impact on the pregnant mother and fetus, and may even lead to serious consequences. Therefore, after many expectant mothers become pregnant, they worry about this and that, fear of harming the baby; especially when they hear others say, \”Whatever you do will harm the baby,\” they immediately stay away from that matter. In fact, after pregnancy, it is necessary to be cautious, but worrying too much is not very good for yourself and the fetus. As long as the pregnant mother can learn more and understand more, and use the knowledge to help herself get rid of various misunderstandings, she will naturally gain healthy results. baby. So, for pregnant mothers, what misunderstandings are easy to encounter in daily life? 1. B-ultrasound contains radiation, which can easily have adverse effects on the fetus during prenatal care, so the less B-ultrasounds are done, the better for the fetus. B-ultrasound is an ultrasound. For examinations, normal frequency and regular operation will not have any adverse effects on the fetus. Therefore, during the entire pregnancy, the three necessary B-ultrasound examinations must not be missed, because this can help determine whether the development of the fetus is normal. 2. You don’t have to go for prenatal check-ups on time, as long as everything is normal every time you go for a check-up. The time for prenatal check-ups is scientifically determined by doctors and can detect the development of the fetus at each stage. Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant mothers still go to the hospital on time. Check, after all, fetal development is also in stages. If a certain stage is missed, the accuracy of prenatal check-up will decrease. 3. After pregnancy, two people are eating, so the more you eat, the better. After pregnancy, the nutritional needs of pregnant women will indeed increase compared to ordinary people, but it is not that the more pregnant women eat, the better, because the fetus needs every month The amount of nutrients and the types of nutrients are different. For example, in the early stages of pregnancy, the fetus is still small and has little nutrient absorption capacity. If a pregnant woman eats too much, it will lead to obesity and even high blood pressure, which will be extremely harmful in the later stages of pregnancy. 4. In order to prevent fetal malformation, you should not take medicine after pregnancy. For pregnant women, if they take medicine because of illness in the early pregnancy, it may have adverse effects on the fetus. However, if the pregnant mother\’s condition is serious, she still needs to seek medical treatment in time. Take the medicine under the guidance of a doctor, otherwise the virus may affect the fetus through the blood. However, pregnant women cannot take medicine alone and must follow the doctor\’s advice. 5. If edema occurs after pregnancy, you should drink less water. If the pregnant mother develops edema after the fetus enters the pelvis, there is no need to worry. Just drink water normally. If it is not because of the fetus entering the pelvis, but because of the pregnant mother’s usual salt intake For edema caused by excessive intake of salt and irritating food, pregnant mothers must not reduce their water intake, because water can accelerate the body\’s metabolism and help eliminate waste in time, which is the best way to reduce the excessive intake of salt and irritating food. And help with the edema caused. 6. It is more effective to supplement nutrition during pregnancy by drinking more soup, because the nutrients are all in the soup. In fact, the nutritional value of the soup is far less than that of the meat, because the protein is not easily soluble in water, and the protein in the soup is only 1% of that in the meat. /5. Calcium, iron, zinc and other trace elements can even be ignored. Therefore, drinking soup is not as nutritious as eating meat. The reason why pregnant women are recommended to drink more soup isTaking into account the situation that pregnant women have difficulty digesting meat or the taste is not good, because soup is more delicious and easier to digest and absorb than meat. 7. Pregnant women should not eat seafood. If you were not allergic to sushi before pregnancy, then you are lucky and there is no danger in continuing to eat sushi after pregnancy. Of course, seafood is more likely to carry bacteria into your body, but if you had no problem eating seafood before pregnancy, you can eat it in moderation. But for safety reasons, pregnant women should not eat seafood every day, and they must eat seafood in moderation. 8. The less exercise during pregnancy, the better. Many doctors recommend moderate exercise for more than 30 minutes or almost every day, which is very beneficial to pregnant women. If you have no complications during pregnancy, low-intensity exercise training can safely control your weight. It can also prepare you for future production. But be sure to avoid sports that come into contact with other people and sports that may squeeze your belly. [Latest Fourth Edition] Read the full text of the Pregnancy Bible with ultra-clear scanned PDF download 108M9. Morning sickness is normal. There is no need to worry about many pregnant mothers having nausea or even vomiting when they wake up early. Generally, pregnant women have morning sickness that is not serious and they can eat properly. There is really no need to worry. , but if you vomit for a long time or even cannot eat, it will become hyperemesis. This situation will lead to a serious lack of nutrition, which is very unfavorable and requires timely treatment in the hospital. 10. The more fish you eat during pregnancy, the better, and the more fruits you eat, the better. Fish is widely recognized as a healthy food. In fact, different types of fish will accumulate different amounts of mercury in the body. Eating too much may affect the health of the fetus. Brain growth and development. Some women think that eating more fruits will help the fetus\’ skin become whiter and tenderer. In fact, fruits contain a lot of sugar. If you eat too much, you may develop gestational diabetes and lead to the birth of a macrosomia. You should eat some in moderation. Fruits and nuts to develop reasonable and healthy eating habits. In fact, the misunderstandings encountered by pregnant mothers may be far more than these 10. There are many misunderstandings that Doudehui has not yet summarized. I also hope that everyone can add to them in the message area so that we can help more people in need.

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