12 kinds of vegetables that are forbidden to eat during breastfeeding, collection

There is a new mother named Linlin. During her lactation period, she paid great attention to her diet because she wanted to provide her baby with the best nutrition. However, one day, her mother-in-law brought some vegetables and said they were good for the baby, which confused Linlin. She wanted to know what vegetables she shouldn\’t eat while breastfeeding. Can I drink coffee while breastfeeding? Linlin began to seek help from friends and family around her, and they gave various suggestions. Some people say that onions and peppers should not be touched because they may irritate the mother\’s gastrointestinal tract, thereby affecting the quality of milk and the health of the baby. Some people also say that bitter melon and winter melon are cold foods that may cause diarrhea in babies, so they should be avoided as much as possible. Linlin felt very confused. She didn\’t know which advice to believe. So, Linlin began to check relevant medical information and literature, hoping to find authoritative answers. She found that although each mother\’s physical condition is different, for most breastfeeding mothers, the following vegetables need to be avoided: onions, garlic, peppers, leeks, bitter melon, winter melon, beans, purslane, Luffa, bracken and lotus root. These vegetables may irritate the mother\’s gastrointestinal tract, cause physical discomfort, and may even affect the quality of milk and the health of the baby. Linlin decided to follow her doctor\’s advice and eliminate these vegetables from her diet. At the same time, she also pays attention to eating more mild and nutritious foods, such as red dates, wolfberries, yams, ginger, etc., to help herself and her baby stay healthy. Gradually, Linlin and the baby\’s condition got better and better. The baby slept peacefully and was emotionally stable, and Linlin gradually regained her prenatal vitality. She knew it was all down to the careful choices she made while breastfeeding. When Linlin shared this experience with her friends, they all expressed their approval and support. Breastfeeding is a challenging period. New mothers need to always pay attention to the healthy growth of their babies, and they also need to pay attention to their own diet. Although there are many vegetables that need to be avoided during breastfeeding, as long as mothers carefully understand and follow the correct dietary guidance, they can ensure the healthy growth of their babies. Finally, Doudehui would like to emphasize that every new mother should love herself and her baby with all her heart during breastfeeding. Although some vegetables need to be avoided during lactation, as long as we carefully understand and follow the correct dietary guidance, new mothers should pay attention to dietary hygiene and a reasonable combination of nutrients during lactation; at the same time, they should maintain adequate rest and appropriate exercise to strengthen their bodies. immunity, ensuring the quality of milk and the health of your baby. Only in this way can we provide a healthy growth environment for our babies.

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