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12 tips to make your baby fall in love with brushing teeth, using the toilet, washing hands and dressing up!

The 12 ideas introduced today will make your baby fall in love with brushing teeth, using the toilet, washing hands, and dressing… It is also suitable for older children. Let\’s take a look at it together. Mommies, don\’t forget to save it! 1. Make your child fall in love with going to the toilet on his own. If you are training your child to go to the toilet by himself, please put a few drops of blue food coloring in the child\’s small toilet and tell the child that if he goes to the toilet by himself, the color-changing magic will appear. Think about it, after a child goes to the toilet, he will be surprised to find that the blue water turns green! 2. Save paper towels. How can you help your children save paper in the toilet? You only need to put a sign under the paper towels, indicating that you only go to this position every time you take the paper, and the children will naturally cooperate. 3. In the tooth brushing game, make some big yellow teeth and ask the children to use an old toothbrush dipped in toothpaste to brush them. Will they become whiter? Then brush your teeth carefully too! 4. Make your own bookmarks and care for books. Use your own bookmarks to clip unfinished books to develop a good habit of reading and caring for books. 5. I arrange my time. It is not that difficult to learn to arrange my own time. Make a few homemade clocks, and the time arrangement in your daily life will be clear at a glance. You can manage your own time. What a great idea! Just cut the core of the paper roll, and your daily time will be arranged ~ 6. No longer afraid of little monsters. If your child is timid and always feels that there are little monsters hiding in the house, or is particularly afraid of something, you can try to use the He took an old stain remover bottle and put a monster sticker on it, telling him that it was a small monster killer that would destroy wherever he sprayed it! 7. Let your children fall in love with washing their hands. Put old toy blocks into a bottle of hand sanitizer and let your children develop a good habit of washing their hands with hand sanitizer! 8. Learn to organize and store. If you want your child to learn to organize and store, you need to give him enough space and tools, and teach him how to classify, organize, and store things. This is called perforated board, which is a very practical way to organize hand tools and materials. 9. No longer afraid of catching bugs. You encourage your children to get in touch with nature, but they are afraid of catching bugs with their hands. Is there any other way? Of course not, make a small bug collection container, add a small paper cup, and bury it in the In the soil, the little bugs have thrown themselves into the trap! 10. Your hands are very dirty. You always forget to wash your hands when you go out to play and come home? What is the difference between washing your hands and not washing your hands? Will you really get bacteria into your stomach? Let your children see it with their own eyes! Use two slices of bread, one is clean and the other has been touched with dirty hands. Put them into sealed bags respectively and leave them for 1 or 2 days. Observe the bread that has been touched by dirty hands. It’s all mold! Haven\’t you developed a good habit of washing your hands yet? 11. DIY phone number bracelet. Wear parents’ phone numbers into bracelets for children to wear on their hands. It is not public and can be known by everyone at a glance. It also allows children to know their parents’ phone numbers in case they get lost. Found it, especially suitable for when traveling. (As for parents’ phone numbers, the editor thinks it’s better to let the children carry them on their backs.) 12. It’s really practical that you decide on your clothes. Are your children always clamoring to decide what to wear every day, and you can’t stand their decisions? matching, but do not want to deprive them of their ability to make independent decisions.Especially when traveling, it would be a waste of time to struggle with this matter every day. Well, put your matching clothes into a bag and only let your children choose the matching ones. Isn\’t this a win-win situation?

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