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2-year-old twins were accidentally crushed when a wardrobe flipped over while playing, and the next scene shocked all parents

According to reports, a pair of 2-year-old twin brothers in Orem, Utah, USA, were playing in their room when one of the boys was pinned down by a fallen wardrobe. However, the other boy was quick to think and pushed the cabinet open, saving his life. His own brother. The 2-year-old boy Bowdy was playing in his room when the wardrobe slowly fell down, crushing his twin brother Brock. The whole process was captured by the home\’s surveillance camera. At that time, the two brothers\’ parents were not in the house. Fortunately, Brock\’s twin brother Bowdy remained calm. He calmly checked the situation and then decided to push open the cabinet and rescue the crying Brock. The two children woke up and started playing in the bedroom, but unfortunately the wardrobe fell over and Bowdy\’s twin brother, Brock, was unfortunately trapped under the wardrobe. Little Bowdy took action and used his strength to lift the cabinet and rescue his twin brother. The two\’s father, Ricky, said it was \”a miracle\” that 2-year-old Bowdy saved Brock. An hour later, the child\’s father secured the wardrobe to the wall (to prevent it from falling over) and removed the handles from all the drawers (to prevent the child from opening the drawers and climbing up). He also decided to upload the video to social networking sites after hesitation. He said, \”Many parents have made the same mistake as us, not ensuring that their furniture is safe and fixed to the wall, so I decided to share this video.\” In the video. , Brock was trapped in a corner of the fallen wardrobe, crying loudly. At the end of the video, Brock was still crying, but their mother, Kayli, said that when she returned to the room, the two little boys had recovered from the shock and were playing together. She said she did not hear the cabinet fall or her son crying. Netizen commented identity_J: If it were my brother, he would be watching me from the side. Haijie-Jessie: Chinese families prefer solid wood furniture, and even an adult like me can’t move it. Take the orange and run faster: I saw the cabinet falling down and hitting the child on the head. My heart was clenching. Fortunately, it was okay. It was so scary. Zixia\’s favorite person: I remember many years ago, when I was in middle school, my brother and I were intercepted by two gangsters on the way to school. My brother was riding fast, but they didn\’t hold me back. They held me back. But the younger brother ran back quickly, knowing that he would be robbed when he came back, but he still came back. I love my brother. A running rabbit: Awesome, my little brother. Remind everyone to take good care of your children and don’t let them stay home alone! HOSANGWAH: Too dangerous! ! ! The furniture needs to be fixed later. Shangxie Qiqi called Qimi: I was hit when I was in elementary school. The corner of the cabinet hit me on the back of my head. I was completely stunned. From then on, I felt that I was not so smart. Captain, don’t shoot. I’m Wang Ergou: Fortunately, the drawer was open and it didn’t fall on the little boy. Lan Jia Xian stillyou: The baby is great! I was so moved! Although he is so small, he has so much strength, give him a thumbs up!

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