4 things not suitable for pregnant mothers to bring

There are 4 things that are not suitable for pregnant mothers to bring, as they may affect the development of the baby. The last one is often ignored. Women are born to love beauty. On weekdays, there is no chance for women not to wear makeup, jewelry, bags, beautiful clothes and other items. But when a woman is pregnant, these things cannot be too casual. Many things are not suitable for pregnant mothers to wear, otherwise they may affect the fetus. Did you know? Beautiful bags Every woman must have a bag when she goes shopping. However, for pregnant mothers, it is not a bag that they often come into contact with the baby, because bags contain many chemicals that are harmful to the human body, and It evaporates slowly. If the pregnant mother is exposed to it too much, it will inevitably absorb the harmful substances in the bag into the pregnant mother\’s body. Thereby affecting the healthy development of the baby. Contact Lenses Nowadays, the base of myopic people is still relatively large, and there are also many pregnant mothers who are myopic. Some women wear contact lenses for the sake of appearance, so as not to deform their eyes. However, it is not suitable to wear contact lenses during pregnancy because Pregnant actresses secrete much less tears than usual. Wearing contact lenses during pregnancy is more likely to cause eye discomfort. In severe cases, corneal damage may occur. After all, mobile phones are electronic products with radiation, and they may have an impact on the fetus. Therefore, it is better for pregnant mothers to use mobile phones less, and it is better to carry mobile phones with them less. Gold, Silver, and Jade Jewelry Women love to look beautiful, and it is common to wear gold and silver. I believe every woman will have a few pieces of jewelry that she likes! However, most of these jewelry contain substances that are harmful to the human body. Frequent wearing of these jewelry by pregnant mothers may affect the healthy development of the baby. But this is often ignored by pregnant mothers. For example, jade jewelry contains a certain magnetic field, which may interfere with the endocrine system of pregnant mothers, which will affect the environment for the baby\’s growth and development. This is not good for fetal development, did you know? Among gold, silver and jade jewelry, the most common ones are rings and bracelets. These two types of jewelry should not be worn. In addition to the above two reasons, pregnant women will gain weight during pregnancy and may also suffer from edema. If you wear these two jewelry , maybe one day you will find that the bracelet and ring are stuck on your hand, which is very uncomfortable and cannot be taken off. This is a bit troublesome. Among the above mentioned things that are not suitable for pregnant mothers to carry, how many of them have you chosen?

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