5 places you must not go during pregnancy

Pregnancy is very important for women and a family. Once pregnant, pregnant mothers will be paid special attention to, not only eating and drinking, but also going out is also very important. Today we will talk about what places you cannot go after pregnancy? Different regions have different customs and taboos. Take our place as an example. It is a small county and each village has different customs. The villages in the south are particularly taboo on pregnant women attending weddings. They believe that pregnant women and weddings are both happy events and they are easy to rush into, so pregnant women are prohibited from attending weddings. In the villages in the north, there are no such taboos. As long as pregnant women are in good health and want to go, they can go, and pregnant women attend weddings. Still more happy than happy, especially welcome. Isn\’t it amazing? Regardless of these customary issues, today I would like to emphasize that there are four places that you must not go to after pregnancy. For the sake of the health of the fetus, you must avoid them! No. 1: Hot springs and saunas. After pregnancy, hot springs and saunas are not allowed, especially when you are newly pregnant! When you are first pregnant, the fetus is just a fertilized egg, waiting for implantation and development. If it is too hot, it will affect the implantation of the fertilized egg, causing implantation failure. Even if implantation is successful, it will also affect later development, leading to Abortion, etc. Therefore, during the first pregnancy, specifically after intercourse, pregnant mothers must stay away from high-temperature environments, such as hot springs, saunas, and even high fevers, which are not allowed. No. 2: After pregnancy in a newly renovated house, pregnant women must stay away from chemicals, especially in the first trimester. The early stage of pregnancy is the period of embryonic organ development and is particularly sensitive to teratogenic substances. Once exposed to teratogenic substances, the fetus will not only increase the risk of malformation, but may also suffer from teratogenesis and other phenomena. Therefore, pregnant women must pay attention to stay away from some newly renovated shopping malls, shops, residential buildings, etc., because even if the newly renovated houses use the so-called most environmentally friendly materials, it is difficult to ensure that there is no formaldehyde. For safety reasons, it is still It’s better to stay away. Number 3: Cemeteries are unlucky for pregnant women, especially when some pregnant women go there and are deeply psychologically affected, feeling depressed and depressed. Long-term depression will also affect the health of the fetus. These places can also cause nightmares for pregnant women who are more sensitive, which is not conducive to sleep and health. Download the 40-week pregnancy manual [PDF+TXT version] No. 4: KTV, construction site. Why put KTV and construction site together? Because they both have one thing in common, that is, they both have high decibel noise. Around 5 months of pregnancy, the fetus\’ hearing is basically fully developed. It can not only hear the pregnant woman\’s heartbeat, but also the sounds from the outside world. They are particularly sensitive to sound. If a pregnant woman is exposed to high decibel noise for a long time, Not only is it detrimental to the health of the fetus, stimulating fetal movement, but it can also cause hearing loss in the fetus. Therefore, after pregnancy, pregnant women should pay attention to noise and avoid places with high decibel noise. No. 5: The fetus is unstable in early pregnancy in crowded places. Collision and stretching can easily lead to fetal miscarriage. Although the fetus is stable in the second trimester, as the pregnancy progresses, the pregnant belly becomes larger and larger. If you go to a crowded place, it is easy to be squeezed and collided, and it is very likely thatPregnant women may be injured or the fetus may be delivered prematurely. Therefore, after pregnancy, pregnant women should pay attention to safety and try not to go to crowded places, especially temple fairs, shopping malls, and movie theaters during Chinese New Year and festivals. Don\’t join in the fun. Finally, during pregnancy, the safety and health of the fetus should be given priority. Pregnant women should try not to go to these places that are not allowed to go. Do not affect the health and safety of the fetus and cause irreparable damage due to a moment of inattention.

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