5 safety details for baby dressing in winter! Even the principal said it was great!

Winter is coming! Fan mothers, are you starting to worry about how many clothes your baby will wear? If you wear too little, you are afraid of catching a cold; if you wear too much, you are afraid of catching an illness. Hot, how can you tell whether your baby is cold or not in winter? What issues should you pay attention to when choosing winter clothes for your baby? How should children in kindergarten dress? Let’s take a look at these 5 dressing guidelines summarized by Tao Ma! 1. Do not choose clothes with cords. Many cotton-padded clothes and hats in winter have cords. In order to avoid strangulation to the baby, mothers are advised to choose carefully. If the baby already has such clothes, the mother must wrap up the rope and tie it well, and do not let the rope hang down for a long time. The baby\’s scarf should not be too thin or too long, otherwise it will easily strangle the neck, and too many turns will increase the burden on the baby\’s neck. In addition, do not pull clothes with zippers all the way to the top. First, it is easy to pinch the baby\’s chin. Second, the metal zipper is very cold and the baby will feel uncomfortable when touching it. 2. Although snow boots are warm, they are not suitable for children. In recent years, snow boots have become very popular, and many mothers also buy them for their children. Snow boots have become a must-have \”cold protection weapon\” for men, women, and children in winter! However, the materials inside and outside of snow boots are very soft, and the internal space is large. The foot will slide inside to a certain extent. When walking, the gravity will spread around the foot, causing a greater impact on the arch of the foot, thus causing damage to the foot. , ankles and even hips causing injuries. Orthopedic doctors say that children who are in the growing period should wear less snow boots because their feet are still developing and they are naturally active. Heavy soles can easily cause damage to their feet. Frequent wearing of snow boots may also cause foot injuries. Hypodevelopment of the feet, resulting in deformation of the feet. 3. Prepare several pairs of pure cotton stockings for your baby. The feet are where the yin and yang meridians meet. The skin is rich in nerve endings and is the most sensitive place to the outside world. Your baby\’s feet and ankles must be kept warm to keep the body adapting to changes in the external climate. Active babies sweat easily in winter, and their feet will become cold after sweating. Therefore, mothers should prepare a few pairs of pure cotton socks with better sweat absorption. Check whether the baby is sweating after exercising, and then change to another pair. Dry and warm socks. 4. How should babies dress for kindergarten? ✦Focus on the thermal insulation effect, not on how many layers you wear, three layers inside and three layers outside. Wearing more clothes does not mean the insulation effect is good. Babies have a lot of activity in kindergarten, sweating and drying out sweat, and they can easily catch a cold. Wearing a woolen sweater with good warmth for your baby is more effective than wearing several fleece pieces to keep warm. Just wear a cotton-padded jacket or down jacket on top. ✦Try not to wear jeans in winter. Jeans are very popular among mothers. The fabric is strong and they look cool. But wearing jeans in winter is adding \”burden\” to the baby. The texture of jeans is hard, and warm pants or cotton pants are stuffed inside, which makes it difficult for the baby\’s two small legs to move. At the end of the day, the baby will be very tired just walking. Furthermore, jeans have poor elasticity, making it very inconvenient to go to the toilet. If the teacher does not take care of you in time, it is easy to wet your pants! ! ✦Loose and soft cotton pants are the last word. In contrast, it is a bit difficult to choose a suitable pair of outer pants for your baby. Tight jeans are inconvenient, and baggy sweatpants may not block the wind. In fact, loose and soft cotton pants are the best choice. The fabric is soft and soft.They are soft and elastic. It is best to choose a waistband with wide elastic bands. It will not be too tight after adding long johns and warm pants inside. ✦A vest is a must-have item for babies. Choose a tight-fitting vest made of cotton or down, which is very suitable for children in kindergarten. Whether it is outdoor activities or indoor games, the baby takes off the heavy cotton clothes and puts on a small vest, which not only keeps warm but also facilitates movement. 5. If you want your children to be safe, you should take care of hunger and cold. This is not an old traditional feudal superstition, because children are naturally active and cannot stop in winter. For example, on a snowy day, adults are shivering from the cold, but children are still holding snowballs and happily having snowball fights! In addition, children have a strong metabolism and are afraid of heat but not cold. Therefore, mothers should dress their babies appropriately in winter and don’t be greedy for too much!

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