7 things to pay attention to during the first 100 days of your baby’s life

One hundred days after the baby is born, many changes will occur in the baby\’s body, and the bones will gradually become stronger, unlike when he was just born. At this time, it is much more convenient for parents to take care of the baby, but before the baby is a hundred days old, there are some things that parents should take seriously, such as the following 7 things, which must be kept in mind. Newborn baby care encyclopedia download ultra clear epub 1. Baby\’s umbilical cord care Pay attention to the care of the baby\’s umbilical cord, which is the top priority that parents must pay attention to. If the baby\’s umbilical cord is not taken care of properly, it can easily cause omphalitis, and in severe cases, the baby may suffer from sepsis. Parents should learn how to care for the umbilical cord, take care of it scientifically, and do not listen to the parenting recipes of their elders. In addition, male babies tend to pee at the navel, so parents should pay special attention. 2. Jaundice that is not eliminated with water is divided into physiological jaundice and pathological jaundice. Physiological jaundice will naturally subside within a week. Pathological jaundice requires medical treatment. There is a folk saying that drinking water can eliminate jaundice. This is incorrect. Giving newborns too much water to eliminate jaundice will increase the burden on the baby\’s kidneys. The correct approach is for the mother to drink more water to ensure an adequate supply of milk for the baby, so that the baby can eat more and drink more, so that the body can function normally. 3. Learn to deal with vomiting. The stomach of a newborn baby is not fully developed, so it is normal for vomiting to occur. In order to prevent the baby from spitting up milk, it is important to burp the baby after feeding. In addition to burping the baby just after feeding, after putting the baby on the bed, pay attention to placing the baby in a side-lying position to prevent the dirt from the baby\’s spit-up from flowing into the ears. 4. Within a hundred days of the baby\’s first sensitive period, the baby will have a sensitive period, which is characterized by sleeping during the day and playing and crying at night. This is because the baby\’s vision has not yet fully developed and is sensitive to light. In order to help the baby get through this sensitive period smoothly, the baby during the confinement period needs to see more black and white and reduce the stimulation of bright colors. The mother should consciously cultivate the baby\’s understanding of day and night and help the baby develop good sleeping habits. 5. Do not use pillows for your baby. Newborn babies do not need to use pillows. The physiological curvature of the baby\’s cervical spine becomes obvious only after 3 months. Using pillows for your baby too early will cause the baby\’s head to deform and affect his health. 6. Within a hundred days of not pooping and peeing, the baby\’s bones are very soft and are not suitable for being picked up and put down repeatedly. Moreover, the baby\’s nervous system is not fully developed and he cannot control the time of peeing. Parents should pay attention to not pooping and peeing, and take good care of the baby after peeing and defecating to prevent the occurrence of red buttocks. 7. Lie more, hold less and don’t shake. Within a hundred days, the baby’s bones are soft and cannot withstand the shaking of adults. Letting the baby lie more is beneficial to the baby’s physical development. Therefore, do not hold the baby in your arms for a long time, let alone shake the baby.

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