A 2-year-old baby suffers from acute laryngitis only because of his mother\’s negligence!

This year\’s weather feels hotter than before, and even I, who is generally considered not afraid of heat, can\’t stand it anymore. Early in the morning, I felt like the weather was on fire, so I rushed to the company in a hurry. As soon as I entered the room, my colleagues who had arrived early had already turned on the air conditioner. The temperature inside made me feel refreshed immediately. I couldn\’t help it. Jue said to his colleague Chen Fei: \”Sister, this is what I want. I really wish I could wear an air conditioner when walking, but it\’s a pity that there is no miniature one!\” After listening to my teasing, Chen Fei said: \”Sister, if you really want that, I had to lie down because I was not too tired and hot, but because the air conditioner was broken. Didn\’t you notice today that Sister Zhang from the office didn\’t come because the child\’s air conditioner caused acute laryngitis, which almost put the child\’s life in danger? ! So she asked for leave today to take care of the child in the hospital.\” After hearing what she said, I realized that Sister Zhang, who was usually eager to arrive early, had indeed not come. She was just sighing about the weather and didn\’t pay attention, so I quickly asked what happened. ? Why did the air conditioner cause acute laryngitis in the child? It turns out that last weekend, Sister Zhang took her two-year-old baby to play in the amusement park downstairs. Although the air conditioning was on in the amusement park, it was a sauna day like this, and the children were playful, and the baby\’s face turned red after a while. Beads of sweat began to form. After seeing this, Sister Zhang was afraid that her child might suffer from heat stroke if he played again, so she picked up her child and returned home. As soon as I got home, I turned on the air conditioner. Maybe because I was too tired from playing, the little guy came back holding the bottle and drank half of the milk, so he fell asleep on the sofa. Sister Zhang moved the baby from the sofa to the bed. At night, the little guy suddenly coughed. At first, Sister Zhang didn\’t pay attention. But when the little guy\’s cough became more and more severe and his face changed, Sister Zhang began to panic and quickly called her family. The family held the baby. Just ran to the hospital. After arriving at the hospital, the pediatrician quickly conducted an emergency consultation on the child. The result was that the child suffered from acute laryngitis in children. This kind of inflammation is quite dangerous, especially for children between six months and three years old. Because acute laryngitis can cause acute laryngeal edema, it can cause blockage of the glottis area and cause difficulty in breathing. Clinical symptoms have shown that serious acute laryngitis can be life-threatening in half an hour! Fortunately, Sister Zhang sent her child to the hospital for treatment in time, otherwise I can\’t imagine the consequences. Sister Zhang breathed a sigh of relief when she saw that the child\’s cough was relieved and his face looked much better. But she didn\’t understand why the child suddenly suffered from acute laryngitis? Only after the doctor\’s explanation did she realize that it was due to improper use of the air conditioner. The child\’s sweat from playing outside didn\’t go away, so he fell asleep with the air conditioner blowing on when he got home. The child is young and has low immunity, which is why he developed acute laryngitis. Therefore, doctors recommend that parents with babies, especially young ones, should pay special attention to: First: Do not let your children stay in an air-conditioned environment for a long time, especially at low temperatures. The optimal temperature of air conditioners is generally between 26 degrees and 28 degrees. At this temperature, the human body will feel more comfortable. Second, after your child has exercised, especially when he or she is sweating profusely, do not let your child face the air conditioner directly. You should wait until the sweat subsides before using the air conditioner, and use the air conditioner to warm theYou need to give your children an adaptation process, and don’t move your children from the world of fire to the world of ice all at once. Just like Sister Zhang, turning on the air conditioner directly after returning home is not suitable for children. It is best to turn it on about 10 minutes after entering the house, so that there will be a transition stage. After listening to Chen Lin\’s story, I was stunned. It\’s not that I haven\’t heard about the dangers of air conditioning, but I just feel that it is far away from me, so sometimes I just listen and don\’t take it seriously. But now, my mind has really changed. Doudehui feels that we should add one more piece of advice to the doctor\’s advice. Third, air conditioning is a double-edged sword for us, with both good and bad aspects. Not only for children but also for adults, so everyone must pay attention to the methods and methods when using air conditioners. Only in this way can air conditioners really bring us comfort instead of harm! What do you think?

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