A world-class unsolved mystery: Why do children love to accompany their mothers to the toilet so much?

If there is any corner of my home that allows me to live a mobile-free life, it must be the bathroom. It\’s not because the wifi signal is insufficient, nor is it because I\’m afraid it will fall into the toilet. There is only one reason – I am busy dealing with the baby and don\’t have time to check my phone. For them, everything in the toilet is fun! The funniest thing is of course Mommy who is squatting on the toilet. (But it’s not fun for dads to squat on the toilet. Why is that?) No, no, no, the cruel reality is often that before you can raise your hand, before you can say your rejection, your baby is already sitting in front of you, eager to be there. The long daddy time drives away boredom for me. For example, tell a story. Tear the toilet paper. Flush the toilet. There are always a few days in every month where special love is given to special you. It is said that men get hemorrhoids because they squat on the toilet while looking at their mobile phones. Women get hemorrhoids because they squat on the toilet while looking after children. I deeply agree. Once upon a time, the toilet was my safe haven. 30 seconds is heaven. She quarreled with the child\’s father and wanted to be alone, so she went to the toilet to escape; the baby cried loudly and felt that life was difficult, so she went to the toilet to escape; her thoughts were messy, she couldn\’t type the article, or the floor was messy and she didn\’t want to clean it up. You can go to the toilet to take shelter. No matter how you put it, it doesn’t matter if there are chicken feathers on the floor, just close the toilet door and it’s the Maldives! However, as the baby grew up and gradually mastered the skills of walking upright and opening doors, my paradise was gone forever. It’s okay to go to the small toilet, the big toilet is really… The scene is so beautiful, I don’t want to remember it. Usually he just sits on a small bench next to me and chats about this and that. Sometimes he even has to sit on my lap! It’s really hard to exert force. Well, I remembered Doudou’s mother who had the same problem and said: Sometimes I really don’t want to admit that our children were raised by us… Gradually, the matter of accompanying me to the toilet has become a standardized process. Who hasn’t had a day when he can’t pull himself out? There is someone standing next to you to cheer you on, do you have one? Of course there are a hundred thousand rejections in my heart! I have made it clear to my baby more than once: Mommy is an adult who can go to the toilet independently! Hey, agree? too young too simple. Well, although the above plot has undergone slight artistic processing, every punctuation mark typed is filled with my blood and tears. There should be one for you too.

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