Advantages and disadvantages of caesarean section and vaginal delivery

\”My wife wants to have a caesarean section, but my mother insists on a natural delivery. What should I do?\” To be honest, Doudehui had mixed feelings when she saw this netizen\’s message backstage. On the one hand, you can feel his entanglement and helplessness from this sentence; but on the other hand, for Doudehui, there is really nothing to discuss about this question. It\’s very simple, whose belly is the fetus in? And who wants to have a baby? I think there’s no need to say more about what’s next. Who decides who gives birth to a baby? Does this matter need to be discussed? Of course, in order to avoid being criticized by netizens for being \”feminist\”, we will still discuss this topic openly in accordance with past practice. I also hope that sisters will not be disturbed by someone\’s opinions and speak your true thoughts ~ @宇生: The child is As for the eldest daughter-in-law, she can do whatever she wants, there is nothing wrong with her! No one, including the husband, has the right to ask a woman to give birth to a child in any way. Doesn’t it mean that after marrying you, she doesn’t even have this right? @ talents are full: My colleague’s sister-in-law gave birth to a baby, and the mother wanted to have a caesarean section. The doctor also recommended a caesarean section, but the mother-in-law disagreed and the son did not dare to sign. In the end, the delay was too long. The baby lived and the mother left! @Period: I will never forget the day I gave birth to my child. The child’s head circumference was huge. I weighed 120 pounds at the time. It was so painful that I knelt down and begged them that I wanted a caesarean section. My father-in-law was arguing with the surgeon, and my mother-in-law said in front of my ear. My baby was a girl and I had to give birth to a boy. It lasted for more than half an hour. The pain lasted for more than half an hour. Finally, I had a caesarean section. The baby was 9 pounds and 2 taels. I was already thin. If I persisted, I would probably lose half my life. @perfectlife: I gave birth to a child at an advanced age, the umbilical cord was wrapped around my neck, and the amniotic fluid was too high during the test. The doctor demanded that a caesarean section be required. My mother-in-law firmly opposed it. My sister-in-law sent more than a hundred messages, all with the same reason why the caesarean section could not be carried out, which would affect the birth of a second child. My husband said that when I give birth to a child, I will be in charge of the house, and I will listen to the doctor in everything. It feels really sad to think about it now. After giving birth to the child, I decisively moved out with my husband. Fortunately, my husband understood my feelings and was very considerate of me. @Everything is only for you: It’s best to respect your wife. I always had a natural birth because my mother-in-law didn’t agree with the operation. The emergency surgery resulted in severe cervical injury. Now my husband and I are in a widowed marriage. Whenever he wants to touch me, I might be a little bit uncomfortable. Even when I feel comfortable, I will think of the time when I gave birth to a child, and I feel inexplicably disgusted and feel that the knot in my heart cannot be untied. @小 lazy: I have a relative who insisted that her daughter-in-law have a natural birth. After a long time, she had to undergo an autopsy. She suffered twice after giving birth to a child. Although the daughter-in-law has never complained, now her husband and her mother are getting more and more serious. They are so alienated that they really can’t even stand looking at me, an outsider! @一多云: I am a man, a son and a husband. Let me share my views. Although my mother gave me life, my daughter-in-law comes before my mother in life, because if I live to be over 60 years old, my daughter-in-law will accompany me for 40 years, and my mother will accompany me for 20 years. I should be filial but not blind. Just like the problem of the daughter-in-law and mother falling into the water at the same time, it is also very simple. First save my mother to repay the kindness of raising me; then I go back to save my daughter-in-law. If my daughter-in-law is not saved, I don’t want to come back because I owe her. Finally, regarding the above-mentioned netizen’s question “My wife wants to have a caesarean section”My mother insists on giving birth naturally, what should I do? \”What do sisters think? Welcome to leave us a message in the comment area below~

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