Are older mothers at risk?

When it comes to \”older mothers\”, many people are afraid to avoid it. Indeed, no one wants to be an older mother. After all, the risk of \”older childbirth\” is too high. Not to mention \”difficulty in conception\”, the risk of \”mid-term miscarriage\” and \”fetal malformation\” are much higher than those of ordinary mothers. Even the production process may be affected. Therefore, older mothers do sound \”disgusting\” to talk about. Adhering to the principle of eugenics and nurturing, for the sake of their own safety and the health of their fetus, many people will not choose to be older mothers. However, there are also some people who, due to various reasons, have no choice but to postpone their plans to have children. They wait until they are 35 years old before starting their own pregnancy preparation journey to welcome the birth of a baby and become older mothers. But is giving birth at an older age all risky? The neighbor in the case, Xiaoli, is one of the older mothers. After graduating from college, she married her husband naked in a flash. Both families have no financial foundation, and they are working hard in big cities without even having a home of their own, so they have no plans to have children at all for a while. Now, ten years have passed, and Xiaoli is already 36 years old. Not only that, the couple has already established a foothold in the city, so they began to plan to have a child. I was originally worried that I was too old to have another child, but then I heard people say that the older you are, the smarter your children will be. After hearing this, Xiaoli just smiled. After all, there is no scientific explanation for such words, and they can only be used to comfort people. But in fact, what Xiaoli doesn’t know is that giving birth at an older age does not necessarily have only disadvantages. Perhaps for the child, these advantages are obvious, which may give the child and family more advantages in the future. Take a look at you. I know a few things. •Having a good financial foundation is more conducive to raising children carefully and having children at an older age, which means starting to have children after many years of marriage. What should I do if my milk volume is low after childbirth? This set of high-quality courses from the lactation specialist training institution. At this time, one thing is that the couple is no longer young, but another thing is that their economic life is more stable. Raising children has always been a \”hugely expensive project\” in today\’s highly competitive modern society. Having a good economic foundation is obviously more beneficial to the future development and education of children. Therefore, giving birth at an older age has obvious economic advantages for the child. •Family relationships are more stable, providing a better environment for children to grow up. In addition, some young couples are not anxious to have children just after they get married. They wait until everything is on track and the relationship between the two parties is stable before they start to have children. In this way, it is also very beneficial to the growth of children. When children are born at an older age, family relationships become more stable. Once a child is born, he or she enjoys a good growth and family atmosphere, which promotes the child\’s physical and mental health development and is more conducive to cultivating the child into a talented person. •More mature minds are conducive to educating children. In addition, having children at an older age is also conducive to educating children. Compared with younger children, older parents have more mature thoughts and more mature parenting experience. Not only is it beneficial to the baby\’s growth, but also to the child\’s education, also has unparalleled advantages in cultivating children to become talents and allowing children to grow up excellently. • They have relatively sufficient energy and have more time to spend with their children. In addition, those young people who just got married and want children basically don’t have time to take care of them even after they have children. Busy with work, busy making money, and leaving the children directly to the parents-in-law, I rarely participate in the children\’s lives, which is not conducive to the growth and development of the children, and there is obviously a lack of energy. However, it is different when giving birth at an older age. After the economy stabilizes, the father and mother will have more energy to accompany and take care of the child, which is more conducive to the healthy growth of the child. Have you thought of the above advantages of giving birth at an older age? Everything has its opposites. Giving birth at an older age does not necessarily cause more harm than good. These innate advantages are also very important for children. But no matter when they want to have children, I hope parents can combine it with their own financial situation and energy situation. Choose the most appropriate time to welcome the baby, give the baby the best care and companionship, and let the child grow up healthily and become outstanding.

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