At what age can a woman still have children?

What is the latest age a woman can have a baby? In fact, as long as a woman does not go through menopause, there is a possibility of pregnancy naturally. Even if you are 50 years old and your menstruation is normal, then you are likely to get pregnant naturally. This is because menstruation represents the work of a woman\’s ovaries. Once menstruation stops, ovarian function will be exhausted, estrogen secretion will be exhausted, and women\’s reproductive functions will also terminate. The best childbearing age for women is before 30 years old. Women between 23 and 30 years old are when their bodies are young and strong. , is also the most fertile time, and it is easier to get pregnant if you want to have a baby. When you conceive and give birth to a child at this time, the child\’s genes are better and healthier, so the child is often healthier and smarter. Moreover, pregnancy and childbirth during this period will cause the least harm to the body, and it will be easier to recover after giving birth. In medicine, the 10 years before menopause are usually set as the latest fertility limit. If menopause occurs at 55 years old, 45 years old is the latest age for effective childbearing. After the effective childbearing age, a woman\’s chance of conceiving will drop by about 90%, making it difficult to conceive again.

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