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Babies born at what time are the smartest


Oct 1, 2023 #fetal period

I once wrote an article about which month babies are born smarter. Some said August, while others said October. In fact, there are smart and unsmart babies born in every month of the year, but their \”smartness\” is different and their personalities are also different. Recently, a friend asked again, at which time of the same day are babies born smarter? In fact, this is similar to the month. As long as the inheritance is good and the later training is good, every baby is very smart, but their smartness is different, and their personalities and characteristics are different. 1. Babies born at 0 a.m. Babies born at 0 a.m. are particularly energetic, energetic, and enthusiastic about everything, and they are also impulsive. Babies born around 2 a.m. are more introverted and may not be kind. Social communication, but most of them are very calm, with perseverance that is difficult for ordinary people to achieve; babies born around 4 a.m. are perfectionists, with advantages and disadvantages in character, and they like to be sharp. 2. Babies born in the morning. Babies born around 6 o\’clock have almost perfect personalities. They are particularly approachable, thoughtful, take care of others, have great taste, and make a lot of friends. Babies born around 8 o\’clock , they are smart and good at reading, but they are afraid of failure and dare not invest emotions in interacting with others. These babies are smarter and more fragile and need guidance and help from their parents. Babies born around 10 o\’clock are outgoing and sociable. They can thrive in various situations. 3. Babies born in the afternoon. Babies born around 12 o\’clock have a careless personality and are heartless. They become stronger and happier every day. They are always optimistic and often find happiness in difficulties. Parents of such babies don’t have to worry too much about whether they are happy or not. It’s just that they are too active and find it difficult to do things quietly. Babies born around 14 o\’clock are particularly rich in imagination and creativity. They are born artists. Parents can let them do things they are interested in and cultivate their artistic cells. Babies born around 16 o\’clock are very curious and are always exploring various things. They are like little talkative children who have a hundred thousand whys and questions every day. Such babies also need correct guidance and training from their families, and they will achieve great success in their studies and careers. 4. Babies born at night. Babies born around 18 o\’clock have a very straightforward personality. They will be very naughty when they are young. They jump up and down every day. Because they are too straightforward, they need the correct guidance from their families, especially their speaking skills, so as not to have problems when they grow up. Being too straightforward offends people. Babies born around 20 o\’clock are relatively deep and unable to express their emotions. They look strong and stable, but in fact they are very insecure. Parents should give their babies enough sense of security when they are young and spend more time with them to make them feel safe. Babies born around 22 o\’clock are all slow-witted, they do everything in a slow and unhurried manner, which sounds like they are steady. At the same time, they are also very simple and easy to believe what others say. When parents educate their babies, they should teach them the pros and cons, protect them, and let them learnWill protect himself. Of course, these are just generalizations, and not all babies are like this. Every baby is an independent individual and unique. No matter when they are born, they are all smart and have their own characteristics. Parents need to carefully observe their babies\’ growth and development, clarify their babies\’ personalities and needs, and guide and educate them correctly.

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