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Baby hair less how to do? Can you shave your head or rub ginger to promote hair growth?

(Picture source: www.babycenter.cn) Question 1: My baby is only 3 months old and has always had fine hair like hair on his head. How can I make my baby’s hair grow thicker? Can I shave my head and apply ginger? Dr. Luo Zhen’s answer: It takes time for baby’s hair to grow. Although some babies have thick hair after birth, it gradually falls out, becomes thinner, and then thickens again as they grow. As long as there is no extensive hair loss, there is no need to seek medical treatment. Parents must not shave their heads, rub ginger, etc. to stimulate their baby\’s hair growth, because doing so will damage the baby\’s hair follicles. You should leave some stubble every time you get a haircut. In short, as long as it is not caused by disease, hair growth just needs to wait! Question 2: My baby is two months old and is exclusively breastfed. His stool has always been relatively watery. He will defecate with the slightest exertion. When he defecates, he cries violently and his belly is swollen and makes a loud banging sound. I have been feeling better after taking Smecta for a few days, but now that I have stopped taking it, I have started to have diarrhea and cry again. My breasts sometimes turn green when I poop. Is it because of poor digestion? Do I need to take probiotics? Dr. Pan Guilan answered: Breastfed babies have unformed stools, frequent stools, and defecation after straining. This is because the baby\’s gastrointestinal development is not perfect. It is normal for a baby to have milk flaps in his stool within three months. Generally, this situation will gradually improve after the baby is three months old. Question 3: I washed the thermometer into pieces in the washing machine, what should I do? Dr. Cui Lixia answered: It is recommended to expose clothes to the sun. If the clothes are not necessary, you can leave them out, especially children\’s clothes.

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