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Best time to bathe a newborn


Oct 1, 2023 #neonatal period

The newborn has just come out of the mother\’s belly. Before that, the baby has been developing and growing healthily in the mother\’s womb. Because of the protection of the mother, the baby has never been exposed to wind and cold while growing from embryo to adult. However, after the baby is born, the baby\’s parents need to take good care of the baby to avoid being exposed to wind and cold, especially when taking a bath. So, when is the best time to bathe a newborn? Precautions for newborn care [Attached with a video tutorial on newborn care] The best time for newborn bathing is during the day, which is more acceptable. You can choose to bathe between 10:00-15:00 a day. In the first week after the baby is born, for new mothers who are not yet skilled in taking care of the baby, you can choose to scrub the baby first. Wait until the mother feels her body has recovered and she is more proficient in taking care of her baby, then give him a real warm bath. Using water baths to wash your baby\’s body, hair, and face can promote your baby\’s growth and development, and at the same time improve your immunity. One thing to note is that newborns lose body heat very quickly, so bathing your baby for the first time should be quick and thorough, and the bathing time should be controlled to 5-10 minutes. The room temperature should be maintained between 26-28°C, which is generally the most comfortable; the water temperature should be around 37-42°C. When taking a shower, be sure to close doors and windows to avoid drafts. Prepare a warm towel ahead of time and wrap him up as soon as you wash him. What should you pay attention to when bathing a newborn? 1. Do not bathe immediately after feeding, but wait for more than 1 hour. 2. The water temperature should be controlled at 38-40℃. 3. Use baby shampoo and shower gel that does not irritate tears. Take off the baby\’s clothes, wrap it in a large towel and wash its hair, support its head with the palm of your hand, and plug the ear holes with the pinna of your thumb and middle finger. 4. If there is a baby wearing a bathtub, put a bath bed on it. Bathe the baby while sitting on the bath bed. Do not clean the baby\’s umbilical cord. You may not get used to it at first. Just wash it a few times and it will be fine! 5. After washing, wrap the baby in a large bath towel, apply talcum powder, and wipe the umbilical cord with alcohol. If the baby is in a good mood, turn on the music and rub the baby with baby oil. From the above article, you can learn when is the best time to bathe a newborn. In addition, you can also learn what else you should pay attention to when bathing a newborn. Newborns are not fully developed yet, and their immune systems are not yet able to resist external viruses. Therefore, if they take a bath or blow too much air and get cold, it may be very troublesome. Parents of newborns should learn more about the precautions for taking care of newborns to help their babies grow healthily.

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