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Can fetal heart color ultrasound determine the gender of the fetus?

Can fetal heart rate determine gender? Fetal heart rate is regulated by sympathetic nerves and parasympathetic nerves. The instantaneous fetal heart rate changes are recorded through signals to form a monitoring graphic curve, which can accurately understand the fetal heart rate response during fetal movements and uterine contractions, and is mainly used to predict whether the fetus is hypoxic. The fetal heart rate is normal between 110-160 beats/min, but when the baby moves, the fetal heart rate will accelerate. At this time, it can be as high as 160 beats/min or even 170-180 beats/min, but as long as If it returns to the normal range when you are quiet, it is normal, and mothers don’t need to worry too much. Therefore, it is unreliable to determine whether men and women are male or female based on fetal heart rate. This is just a matter of probability.

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