Can I cut my hair while pregnant?

Pregnancy and childbirth is a very hard thing. After a woman is pregnant, her body quietly undergoes some changes in various aspects, and her movement and diet will also be restricted. Taboos during pregnancy are acceptable to everyone, but in some places, the custom of not being able to cut your hair after pregnancy has become a nightmare for pregnant women. Safety education on preventing drowning for primary school students. Cherish life and prevent drowning. The Three-Character Sutra + handwritten newspaper. In Xiaomei’s hometown, there is a saying that hair cannot be cut during pregnancy. After she became pregnant, her mother-in-law told her not to get a haircut, because cutting hair during pregnancy will move the fetal gas and harm the baby in the belly. . Moreover, the act of cutting hair will \”cut off\” the child\’s blessings. This statement sounds very ridiculous, and Xiao Mei also dissuades her mother-in-law not to believe in superstition, but her mother-in-law firmly believes in this statement and never allows her to cut her hair. During the later stages of pregnancy, her belly got bigger and bigger, and it was inconvenient to wash her long hair. Xiaomei decided to cut her hair short, but her mother-in-law stopped her. After giving birth to the baby, the problem of long hair tortured Xiaomei terribly. My body was weak after giving birth, and I was prone to sweating all over my body. My hair was often wet, but I was restricted from washing my hair during confinement, and it was really uncomfortable to have dirty hair. And it’s very inconvenient to take care of your baby’s long hair. Regarding not having a haircut before giving birth, Xiaomei said her intestines were filled with regret. So, not long after her confinement, she couldn\’t wait to cut her hair short. [Latest Fourth Edition] Read the full text of the Pregnancy Bible with ultra-clear scan and PDF download 108M The statement that hair cannot be cut during pregnancy is really superstitious and has no scientific basis. In fact, there are many benefits for expectant mothers to cut their hair short during pregnancy. Listen to what the doctor says. 1. Easy to care for We all know that after pregnancy, the body of the expectant mother will become more and more bulky, and it will be more cumbersome to wash the hair if it is too long. Frequent use of a hair dryer during pregnancy may be harmful to the baby, but hair that is not dried can easily catch cold, so having hair that is too long is not a good thing for both the baby and the mother. 2. Confinement period brings less suffering. In the past, people’s living conditions were poor and there was no heating equipment at home, so people were not allowed to wash their hair during confinement period. Nowadays, living standards have improved, it is very convenient to boil hot water, and you can blow dry it in time after washing, so mothers can wash their hair properly during confinement. However, there are many things that need to be paid attention to when washing hair after confinement. If you don\’t pay attention, you will easily catch cold and get sick. If your hair is too long, washing your hair during the postpartum period will not only increase the burden of washing your hair but will also affect your mood due to oil and sweating. Therefore, cutting your hair short before delivery is very helpful for postpartum period, so mothers should not be reluctant to do so. 3. Good for babies and mothers. Although some mothers prefer to have long hair, they have to admit that it does take a certain amount of energy to take care of long hair. After the baby is born, the mother\’s time and energy will inevitably be affected, and short hair will be more convenient to take care of. Moreover, babies are very active by nature. Once they have a certain ability to move, they will grab whatever they see. Mothers with long hair often have their hair grabbed by them when taking care of their babies, and you can imagine the pain. The baby\’s little hands are relatively delicate. If the hair is accidentally entangled, it can easily cause injury. Therefore, when the baby is too young, mothers should not rush to be beautiful. Wait until the baby is older and sensible before growing their hair longer. It is only the experience of the older generation that you should not cut your hair during pregnancy. Expectant mothers mustDon\’t take it to heart, just do whatever is convenient for you. If the elderly at home do not agree with hair cutting, you should patiently reason with them. If necessary, you can \”move out\” the doctor so that the elderly can slowly accept the new concept of confinement.

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