Can I get a massage during pregnancy?

Many people suffer from endless symptoms during pregnancy and would like to relax through massage, but they dare not take action because they are afraid that massage will cause bleeding and contractions. Is pregnancy massage really that dangerous? Can pregnant women get massage? The reason why there was a saying in the past that \”pregnant women cannot have massage\” was because many people confused pregnant women\’s massage with general massage. In fact, the method of massage for pregnant women is completely different from that of general massage; general massage is to use the knuckles to push the muscles and fascia apart to deeply stimulate the massage area. Massage for pregnant women is to use the fingertips or palms to gently massage a large area. Can cause irritation to the body. As long as you adjust the strength and technique of the massage and avoid specific areas, massage during pregnancy does not pose risks. 200 Examples of Nutritional Recipes for Pregnant Women for 3 Months in Ultra-clear and Full-Color PDF During Pregnancy These 3 Acupoints Must Not Be Massaged Speaking of Specific Parts, Are There Any Parts That Cannot Be Massaged After Pregnancy? There are three areas that must not be massaged during pregnancy, namely Jianjing point, Hegu point and Sanyinjiao point; Jianjing point is located at the midpoint between Dazhui point and acromion, at the highest point of the shoulder; Hegu point is located at the bulge of the tiger\’s mouth where the thumb and index finger are together. The highest point; Sanyinjiao point is located above the inside of the ankle and in the depression on the rear edge of the tibia on the inside of the calf. These areas should be avoided during massage, otherwise it is easy to cause uterine contractions. Heels and ankles are reflex areas of the reproductive system. It is best to avoid these two parts during massage. Who is not suitable for massage during pregnancy 1. Those with a history of miscarriage, habitual abortion or premature birth in the past. 2. Symptoms of threatened abortion such as vaginal bleeding and lower abdominal pain during pregnancy. 3. Risks of premature birth during pregnancy include short cervix, incomplete cervical atresia, uterine malformation, large/many uterine fibroids, polyhydramnios, oligohydramnios, multiple births, bacterial infections (such as pneumonia, periodontal disease, Urinary tract infection, endometritis…), placenta previa, premature placenta removal, extreme anxiety, severe depression…etc. 4. Suffering from chronic diseases or high-risk pregnancy diseases, such as hypertension, diabetes, gestational hypertension, gestational diabetes, pregnancy toxemia, asthma, heart disease, hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism… 5. Severe lower limb edema combined with varicose veins. 6. The skin is broken, pus discharges or develops itchy rash or urticaria. Reduce risks. Massage in the second trimester is safest. In the early stages of pregnancy (the first 3 months), the placenta is not yet stable and is not suitable for massage. If you are really uncomfortable and want to relax, it is best to seek help from a Chinese medicine practitioner who specializes in acupuncture. During the second trimester of pregnancy, the belly begins to enlarge, which can lead to edema and lower back pain. Gentle massage can be used to dredge lymph glands and mobilize subcutaneous tissue to relieve symptoms. It is best to lie on your side or upright during massage. In the later stages of pregnancy, the frequency of uterine contractions becomes more and more obvious, and it is easier to suffer from insomnia. At this time, you can use lymphatic drainage massage techniques to massage the four parts of the head, shoulders, back, and lower limbs. During massage, you should lie on your left side and put pillows on your back and feet for support. 8 or 9 months is approaching the expected date of delivery. Massage should be stopped at this time to ensure safety. If any discomfort occurs during the massage, please report your current pregnancy weeks and physical condition immediately before the massage. The massage process is based on comfort. If pain occurs, ask the other person to use less force or avoid the area. Some pregnant women regard the discomfort caused by massage as a normal physiological reaction.The purpose of regular massage is to relax the body without causing any discomfort. Any discomfort during massage should be reported immediately, even if it is only mild nausea or dizziness, do not tolerate it. In addition, since full body massage is usually performed while lying on the side, if you feel uncomfortable, you should report it immediately. A balanced physical and mental state will lead to a healthy pregnancy. Many mothers are busy focusing on the baby in their belly during pregnancy, ignoring their own physical and mental changes, and unknowingly accumulate a lot of stress. Massage can help mothers bring the focus back to themselves and regain their physical and mental state. balance. Remind moms that if you feel stressed or your muscles are tight, you can soak your hands and feet in warm water first, then gently and deeply touch your limbs. While massaging, imagine that someone is tenderly caring for you and taking care of you. You can fully relax your body and mind.

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