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Can I perm my hair during pregnancy/lactation? Can I tattoo my eyebrows and paint my nails?

Beauty is an eternal topic for women, but it seems that pregnancy and breastfeeding have become a scar. During this special period, many mothers will follow the principle of doing everything for their children and try not to come into contact with any cosmetics. Therefore, pregnant mothers will look pregnant at first glance. , a nursing mother looks like she has given birth to a baby. But in fact, can’t we really be beautiful during pregnancy and lactation? Today we will talk about this matter from the three major projects to make yourself beautiful. 01 Can hair be permed and dyed during pregnancy and lactation? Hair dye must be used to dye hair. When it comes to hair dye, we have to mention the phenylenediamine and heavy metals contained in it. These scary-sounding names put many expectant mothers away. However, existing research shows that p-phenylenediamine is not a substance known to be definitely or possibly carcinogenic to the human body, but a substance that is not yet clear whether it is carcinogenic to the human body. Although the claim of carcinogenesis has been temporarily ruled out, in the long term Excessive use of phenylenediamine can also affect liver and kidney function. ● Pregnant mothers Long-term excessive use of hair dyes containing phenylenediamine may cause mutagenicity in their offspring. Although \”talking about toxicity regardless of dose is a hooligan\”, safety is the first priority for expectant mothers. After all, besides hair dyeing, there are many ways to make us beautiful and safer, right? ● Lactating mothers have finally endured ten months of pregnancy. After unloading, they want to start tidying up. Can I start dyeing my hair while breastfeeding? There is still a toxicity threshold point here. The key lies in the frequency and amount of use. After all, mothers are not stylists who come into contact with perm and dye agents every day. They should perm and dye them once every six months or even a year. They should also use qualified products and do not use them for a long time. Contact with the scalp will have minimal impact on breastfeeding. However, due to the influence of hormones after delivery, mothers\’ hair loss will be more serious, especially in the first 6 months after delivery. Therefore, if you want to perm and dye your hair, try to do it after 6 months, as the damage to the scalp will be less. Although dyeing your hair once in a while will not cause any harm to your health, we still need to do some homework before and after dyeing our hair. Don’t just listen to the hairstylist’s advice and get confused without knowing what product to use and whether it is qualified. Before dyeing your hair, it is best to buy a good hair dye from a reliable source and then take it to the barber shop to dye your hair. Finally, no matter what kind of hair dye you buy, if it is your first time to use it, be sure to apply a small amount of hair dye on the back of your hand before dyeing your hair to do an allergen test to avoid any substances in the hair dye that may cause you allergy. After all, if a mother is allergic, it is also harmful to the baby. In addition, nursing mothers should not let their babies scratch your hair within a few days after dyeing their hair. Of course, for those mothers who do not believe that hair dye is safe anyway, it is better to be patient and not dye your hair. It is also good to find a suitable hairstylist and get a haircut that suits you. 02 Can I get eyebrow tattoos during breastfeeding? Eyebrow tattooing is a cosmetic surgery that permanently changes the contour and color of eyebrows by puncturing the skin with metal or plant pigments. Among them, metal or plant pigments have almost no toxicity and are only localized, as are anesthetics.It is applied topically and therefore is completely safe in this regard and does not cause any adverse effects from breast milk. However, there are also some things that need to be paid attention to when tattooing eyebrows, such as: choose a regular beauty institution and avoid small workshops; pay attention to whether the metal equipment for eyebrow tattooing has been sterilized, and it is best to be single-use; the dyes and local anesthetics used Is there a regular brand, etc.? And unlike mothers who have permed and dyed hair, they are more relaxed. Eyebrow tattooing can be regarded as a \”minor cosmetic surgery\”. There will still be some tension during the process. Some mothers who are sensitive to pain may also feel a little bit. These may have some impact on milk secretion. However, if you think you are not afraid of pain or nervous, then eyebrow tattooing will not have any problem for you, as long as you choose the right eyebrow tattooing place with formal qualifications, you will be fine! In addition, eyebrow tattooing is a minor trauma after all, and some antibiotic ointments will be used afterwards to prevent infection. Common penicillins and cephalosporins are also safe to use during lactation, so you can breastfeed with confidence. 03 Can I wear nail polish during pregnancy and breastfeeding? The amount of substances in nail polish absorbed by the body is extremely limited. The main problem lies in some volatile substances in nail polish, such as the solvent \”banana water\”, which is a colorless and transparent substance prepared from a variety of organic solvents. A volatile liquid containing toluene, butyl acetate and other ingredients, it is commonly known as \”banana water\” because it smells like banana. It has an irritating effect on the eyes and mucous membranes. Inhalation of high concentrations can cause damage to the central nervous system and even liver and kidney damage. Other harmful substances include DBP (dibutyl phthalate), formaldehyde, etc. But again, there is no need to worry if you have not accumulated a certain dose. If it’s just to look beautiful on special holidays, such as birthdays, Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Day, etc., that’s totally fine. Precautions: Some big brands now have nail polish options for pregnant women, which are relatively easy to tear and cause less damage to nails. Avoid applying nail polish when your baby is around, and try to open windows for ventilation after application. Don\’t let your baby play with your nail polished hands, especially don\’t let your baby put it in his mouth. 04 Other questions about whether it is allowed during breastfeeding Q: Can I wear lipstick during breastfeeding? A: Yes, please choose regular products and wipe them before eating. Q: Can I transplant eyelashes while breastfeeding? A: Yes, just use some glue. Q: Can teeth be extracted while breastfeeding? A: Yes, local anesthesia does not affect breastfeeding.

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