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Can I perm my hair while breastfeeding? You need to know the \”three taboos\” during breastfeeding…

Breastfeeding mothers often complain to Xiaokang Jun: \”I am particularly afraid to go out now because I see other mothers using four words to describe them – glamorous! But when I look down at myself, I can also use four words to describe them – unkempt hair, dirty skin. Rough, rustic, self-deprecating… (I can\’t stop being self-deprecating) All my self-confidence collapsed at that moment. But for the safety of the baby\’s \”ration\”, I can only suppress the desire for stinky beauty, and those hair products, Say goodbye to beautifying behaviors and ugly ways.\” Is it true that you can\’t be beautiful while breastfeeding? Will perming and dyeing your hair, painting your nails, or tattooing your eyebrows really turn your breast milk into \”poisonous juice\”? How can we do it in a fashionable manner without affecting the baby\’s feeding? If you are also troubled in this regard, then you should read the following content carefully. Is it true that you can’t perm and dye your hair while breastfeeding? Hair care products basically contain chemical substances such as phenylenediamine, aminophenols, and ethanolamines. Those claiming to be purely natural are no exception, because not all substances are purely natural. Large amounts of these chemicals or long-term exposure during pregnancy may cause teratogenic risks. However, occasional use, such as perming and dyeing hair once or twice a year, will not have a great impact on the baby, because the possibility of the chemicals contained in the liquid for perming and dyeing hair entering the human body through the scalp is very low, let alone absorbed by milk. But if the mother perms and dyes her hair every now and then, the harm may be possible. Although you can occasionally perm and dye your hair during breastfeeding (no more than twice a year), you should also pay attention to the following matters: ❶ You must use regular and qualified hair products; ❷ Try not to let the baby scratch or eat the mother\’s permed and dyed hair. If your baby\’s skin appears to be red, swollen, itchy, or rashy, you need to seek immediate medical attention from a dermatologist; ❸ After perming and dyeing your hair, you need to wash your hair frequently and clean your scalp carefully to reduce the time that chemicals stay on the scalp; ❹ If your mother has scalp problems If it is damaged, it is best not to perm or dye your hair; ❺ If you are really worried, then just bear with it. After all, the market is mixed, and parents don’t know whether the substances contained in the medicine are safe or not, and what the chemical content is, so doctors generally do not recommend perming and dyeing hair for nursing mothers. Can breastfeeding mothers get eyebrow tattoos? It is generally not recommended to tattoo eyebrows during breastfeeding. However, as long as the dye and anesthetic are absolutely safe, eyebrow tattooing will have minimal impact on breast milk. Mothers do not need to worry too much about eyebrow tattooing causing harm to the baby. After eyebrow tattooing, it is recommended that the mother closely observes the baby. If the baby is as usual, in good spirits, eats and sleeps normally, then the problem is not big. On the contrary, you need to wait until the baby is weaned before he can look beautiful~ Can nursing mothers wear nail polish? Nail polish usually contains phthalic acid, which also has the risk of causing fetal malformations, but no authoritative organization has proven that nail polish will cause substantial harm to the health of nursing mothers and babies. However, in order to avoid risks, pregnant and nursing mothers should try to avoid or reduce the application of nail polish. If it is necessary to apply it on special occasions, it is recommended to stay away from the baby when applying it, pay attention to ventilation after application, and do not let the baby eat the mother\’s fingernail polish. Talking about toxicity regardless of dose is just scaremongering, so mothers, please be careful.Did you order it? As for eyebrow tattooing, perming and dyeing hair, and applying nail polish, as long as it is used once in a while and in small doses, it will generally not have much impact on the mother and baby. However, if used for a long time and in large doses, it may be harmful to health.

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