Can pregnant women do it?

One of the more pleasant changes that pregnancy brings to many women is having intense sexual desire and orgasm during certain stages of pregnancy. For most women, sexual intercourse during pregnancy is completely safe. What is Life Guide for Pregnant Women and Expectant Mothers PDF During normal pregnancy, sexual intercourse will not cause any harm to the baby, because your baby will be well protected in the womb. On the one hand, the amniotic fluid cushions the baby; on the other hand, the thick mucus plug seals the cervix, preventing infection. Although orgasm may cause uterine contractions, this is not labor pain, so there is no need to be overly concerned. However, as your body structure changes and you gain weight, it may be necessary to change your usual habits in order to derive pleasure from sexual intercourse. Enjoy sex during pregnancy: ① Try new positions. When your belly is enlarged due to pregnancy weight gain, it may also be more comfortable to try lying on one side during sex, or having the woman on top. Women should not lie flat on their backs during late pregnancy because the baby\’s weight and partner\’s weight may put pressure on the inferior vena cava, causing dizziness, increased heart rate, and more. ②Safety comes first. If your partner has a history of STDs, use condoms regularly. ③While oral sex is usually allowed during pregnancy, remember that blowing air into the vagina is unsafe as this can cause air embolism, which can be life-threatening. ④Doctors do not recommend anal sex during pregnancy because it can spread bacteria from the rectum to the vagina and may cause infection. Hemorrhoids during pregnancy can also cause discomfort. ⑤ Communicate honestly. Partners may have different opinions about how often they should have sex during pregnancy. Talk about each other\’s changing needs. If sex becomes difficult during pregnancy, especially in the final stages of pregnancy, find other ways to be close, such as massage or cuddling. It is best not to have sex if: ① There is a risk of miscarriage ② There is a risk of premature birth ③ There is a risk of rupture of membranes ④ There is placenta previa ⑤ You are experiencing vaginal bleeding (common with twins or triplets) ⑥ Infection with certain diseases ⑦ A short cervix, or cervix, has opened up the cascade of changes that pregnancy brings—physical, emotional, and sexual. By listening to your body and recognizing your needs, you will be better able to enjoy the unique pleasures of this special time in your life. Beijing Pregnant Women Yoga Video Tutorial Elementary Download [Dual Audio Track 701M]

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