Can pregnant women eat beef? You may not have heard of these taboos and customs for pregnant women

I found out she was pregnant after talking to a former colleague on the phone. I quickly asked about her pregnancy life. Is she feeling unwell? Are you eating well? Is it nutritious enough? Colleagues said everything was fine, but her mother-in-law controlled her too much and she was tired of living like this. Moreover, the customs of pregnant women mentioned by her mother-in-law left her speechless. Maybe you all want to know, in this day and age, are there still any unacceptable customs during pregnancy? The thing is like this, my colleague\’s husband is more than ten years older than her, and her mother-in-law is older. This may be the reason why her mother-in-law can\’t change her mind. My mother-in-law said that after pregnancy, the sheets cannot be changed or even washed. They must be used until the baby is born. Also, if you are pregnant, you cannot eat beef, otherwise the baby will be born with a very stubborn temper, just like a cow, looking in one direction and not listening to others\’ advice. What’s even more outrageous is that you can’t go out when you’re pregnant, and you can only walk around the house if you want to take a walk. You really have no freedom at all. My colleagues were so angry that they went to sit on the rooftop every day and get some fresh air. I don\’t think about anything now, I just think about my husband coming home for the holidays and being able to take me out for a walk. Colleagues said that if we don’t go out to relax, mold will grow at home. I advise my colleagues not to think too much. When the Spring Festival holiday is over, they can go out with their husbands instead of staying at home. Otherwise, over time, it will have a bad impact on colleagues and babies. If you are worried that you will not be able to solve a problem by yourself, you can call me. If I can help, I will definitely help. My colleague was very moved after hearing my suggestion. She really wanted to follow her husband out and no longer stay at home. I had this thought before, but I never came up with it. I was just worried that I would be pregnant and I would not be able to handle the problems I encountered. Now that I have agreed to help, she has decided to move out after the Spring Festival. The latest and most complete 2023 [Kindergarten, Junior High and High School] premium VIP course catalogs from famous teachers in various disciplines on the entire network, click to view now! In fact, in my opinion, my colleague’s mother-in-law had no ill intentions towards her, but her own knowledge reserves were insufficient and she had not kept pace with the times. However, my colleague’s mother-in-law had good intentions and was thinking about her colleagues and the baby in her belly. Therefore, the problem can be solved by keeping colleagues out of sight of the mother-in-law. Since we are talking about customs during pregnancy, I have summarized some old customs from different regions to see if there are any that exist around you? Custom 1: Don’t eat rabbits. Why not let rabbits be eaten? Is it because rabbits are cute? Of course not. Pregnant women who eat rabbit meat are worried that their babies will develop harelips. Custom 2: Don’t eat duck. In my impression, duck is eaten as daily meat in many areas. However, there is indeed a custom that pregnant women cannot eat duck. It is said that if a pregnant woman eats duck, especially duck brains, the baby will shake its head like a duck. Custom 3: Don’t eat turtles. Why can\’t we eat turtles? The reason is that the limbs of turtles are very short. If a pregnant woman eats turtles during pregnancy, the baby will be born with short hands and feet. Custom 4: Can’t eat beef. The reason is different from what my colleague’s mother-in-law said. If pregnant women eat beef during pregnancy, their babies will have dark skin. Custom 5: Don’t cut your hair. pregnant woman inCutting your hair during pregnancy will turn the baby in your belly into a daughter. If this statement can come true, it is estimated that many couples will rush to get a haircut because there are many people who want to have a daughter. Custom 6: Don’t climb trees. Pregnant women cannot climb trees. Trees climbed by pregnant women will not be able to bloom or bear fruit in the coming year. Custom 7: Don’t use scissors. If a pregnant woman uses scissors, the baby in her belly will be frightened. In fact, these customs can be spread to this day. On the one hand, the cultural level of the people in the past was not high. People around them said that pregnant women should not do this or that, and then they believed it because they did not have the ability to distinguish. On the other hand, some customs are There is a certain truth to it. For example, custom 6 states that pregnant women cannot climb trees. I think it is right. Of course, this does not mean that a tree climbed by a pregnant woman will not bloom or bear fruit next year, but it is too dangerous for a pregnant woman to climb a tree with a baby in her belly. Therefore, pregnant women cannot climb trees. Written at the end: As a pregnant woman, people around me say you can’t do this or that during pregnancy. This is a custom passed down from the past. We can\’t blame them. After all, they have good intentions and are thinking about pregnant women. However, as a woman in the new era, we still need scientific basis for what we can do and eat during pregnancy.

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