Can pregnant women eat durian?

It’s the season of eating durian again! For pregnant mothers who like to eat durian, seeing the golden durian is simply a naked temptation. Pregnant mothers should be particular about eating durian, for the health of the fetus; pregnant mothers should take a few minutes and watch it patiently~ 1. When is the best time to ripen durian? Durian requires a high temperature climate all year round to grow and bear fruit, even in the equatorial region , In highlands above 600m above sea level, durian cannot be planted or will not bear fruit due to the drop in temperature. The ripening season is from June to July every year, and the market season is from September to December every year. There is also production in other months. Therefore, durians in June and July are the most delicious. As the saying goes: \”Eating durian in the morning is as good as gold! Eating durian at noon is as good as silver; eating durian at night is as good as brass!\” Therefore, eating durian in the morning is the best. Pregnant women can eat durian, but they should not eat too much. Durian has high nutritional value. In addition to high sugar content, it is also rich in protein and lipids. It has a good nourishing effect on the body and is a good source of fruit nutrition. From this point of view, pregnant women can eat durian appropriately. However, durian contains high calories and sugar, with 500 grams containing 500 kilocalories. If an expectant mother often takes durian as a supplement, which will cause her blood sugar to rise, the baby will be overweight, increasing the chance of delivering a macrosomia fetus in the future. big. Furthermore, durian is warm in nature. Eating too much can easily lead to internal heat, sore throat, irritability and insomnia. It can cause fetal fever in pregnant women and harm the health of newborns. Popular science knowledge How To Grow A Planet BBC Plant Song documentary full 3 episodes 1080P ultra-clear 18.6G Therefore, gluttonous pregnant mothers must hold back their mouths and not eat too much for the health of themselves and their unborn babies. If pregnant women want to eat durian, it should be no more than the size of an orange (100g). 2. Durian eating taboos 1. Durian should not be eaten with wine. If you have sugar disease, the editor recommends that you never eat durian and just eat it together, because both are hot and hot things, and eating them together will cause Blood vessel obstruction can lead to serious blood vessel explosion and stroke. 2. People with hot gas temperament, sore throat, cough, cold, yin deficiency, and tracheal sensitivity will worsen their condition and are not beneficial to the body and should not eat it. 3. Durian is warm in nature. If you eat too much, it will increase dryness and cause symptoms of dampness. To relieve discomfort, drink kelp and mung bean soup or prunella vulgaris soup. 4. If you are obese and want to lose weight, the editor recommends not eating durian, because durian is rich in sugar and has a lot of calories, so obese people should eat less. 5. Durian contains high potassium, so people with kidney disease and heart disease should eat less. FLTRP Primary School English Textbook Easy English Masterwork Appreciation mp3 Baidu Cloud + pdf 6. Durian is a warm food, so you cannot eat too much at one time. If you smell the smell of alcohol coming from durian, you should pay attention. It smells of alcohol. It means that the durian has gone bad and must not be eaten again.

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