Can pregnant women eat leeks?

It is said that leeks are eaten in spring, and the vegetable market is also full of leeks. The green color will whet your appetite. Chive dumplings, chive boxes, chive pancakes… Although leeks have a strong \”flavor\”, they can\’t stop people from loving them. But, can pregnant women eat leeks? Yes! Pregnant women can eat leeks. ▪ Because it is a nutritional treasure chest: protein, fat, carbohydrate, calcium, carotene and vitamin C are all available, which is very beneficial to the nutrition of pregnant mothers and fetal development; ▪ Some dietary fibers can promote digestion, and some It is beneficial to the excretion of carcinogens and toxic substances and improves constipation, which is very beneficial during pregnancy; ▪ The taste of leeks is also very appetizing. Many expectant mothers will have a loss of appetite during pregnancy. At this time, eating some leeks to appetize will not help. Nothing better. However, because leeks can stimulate the uterus and strengthen uterine contraction, it is best not for pregnant women to eat too much, but eating in moderation is fine! In addition, it is best not to eat leeks during lactation, because the food eaten by the nursing mother will enter the milk and affect the baby. The taste of leeks is relatively spicy, which is not good for the baby. In addition, leeks will also inhibit the secretion of milk, so when breastfeeding You can’t eat leeks during this period. Precautions for pregnant women when eating leeks. No matter how good the food is, it must be cooked correctly and eaten scientifically. 1. Before cooking leeks, be sure to wash them thoroughly, especially the roots where pesticides are likely to remain. You can soak them in salt water and rinse them. 2. Leeks cannot be eaten raw. Leeks are difficult to digest and eating them raw will affect the gastrointestinal tract. Raw food cannot be eaten during pregnancy to avoid being infected by microorganisms or parasites. 3. Do not overheat leeks, because the rich vitamin B in them will be lost with overheating and the nutrition will be destroyed. 4. Foods complement and inhibit each other. Leeks cannot be eaten with beef, honey, rice vinegar, white wine, milk, etc. 5. Pregnant women should not eat large amounts of leeks to avoid causing intestinal discomfort such as bloating and diarrhea. It may also cause uterine excitement and strengthen uterine contractions. What to do if you get heartburn after eating leeks? Many pregnant mothers love to eat leeks, but what should they do if they feel heartburn after eating them? 200 Examples of Nutritional Recipes for Pregnant Women for Three Months in Ultra-clear and Full-color PDF In fact, heartburn in pregnant women is a normal phenomenon during pregnancy. In addition, leeks have a pungent taste and are difficult to digest, so they can easily cause heartburn. ▪ First of all, eat less at each meal so that you are only seven to eight times full. Because heartburn is the discomfort caused by increased pressure in the stomach and raised diaphragm. Try to chew slowly and slowly when eating. Eat a proper portion and you will not have this feeling. ▪ Secondly, adjust your sleeping position. When sleeping at night, put on several pillows or wedge-shaped cushions to elevate your upper body. Elevate the foot of the bed with your head by 15 to 20 centimeters to raise your upper body by 10 to 15 degrees. This can effectively reduce esophageal reflux and eliminate discomfort. feel. Of course, if heartburn is severe and difficult to relieve, it can be treated by taking medicine. Over-the-counter acid suppressants containing magnesium or calcium can reduce stomach discomfort, but pregnant mothers must consult a doctor before taking medicine. , don’t take medicine randomly!

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