Can pregnant women eat toon?

Can pregnant women eat toon? This depends on what nutrients are contained in the toona buds. Toon buds are rich in vitamin C, phosphorus, iron and other minerals as well as high-quality protein. Traditional Chinese medicine also believes that toon buds are bitter in taste and cold in nature, and have the effects of clearing away heat, detoxifying, strengthening the stomach and regulating qi. From this point of view, pregnant women can eat toon. However, for the safety of pregnant women and fetuses, there are still some suggestions: 1. The source of toon buds should be clear, make sure it does not contain pesticides or be fully soaked and washed before eating; 2. Toon buds should be fully soaked and washed before eating. It must be cooked and eaten, such as making toon scrambled eggs. If you like to eat tofu cold, you should also blanch the toon in boiling water for 5 minutes, drain the water, and then eat it cold. The advantage of blanching toon in boiling water is also beneficial to reducing the risk of tofu. Nitrate content. Three: When making toon cakes, be careful to remove the hard stems of the toon, because the hard stems will cause inconvenience when mixed with noodles. Of course, pregnant women may also easily cause damage to their gums if they eat the harder parts. Four: It is true that pregnant women can eat toon buds, but they should not be greedy for too much. Toona is cold in nature, and eating too much toona by pregnant women can cause harm to the body. So remember, toon is delicious, but don’t be greedy for too much. Regarding the question of whether pregnant women can eat toon sprouts, I believe you must have the answer in your mind. But please pay attention to the above points when pregnant women eat toon sprouts. After all, you are pregnant with a baby, and you are eating alone, while the two of you are absorbing nutrients. How to make toon delicious? 1. Ingredients for fried toon eggs: 6 eggs, 100 grams of toon, and a little chopped green onion. Seasoning: 1 tsp refined salt, a little sugar, 2 tbsp salad oil. Method: 1. First, clean the prepared toon with clean water and process the hard roots on it, then drain the water and cut it into fine pieces. 2. Crack the eggs into the bowl and stir evenly. 3. Add salad oil to a hot pan, add eggs, fry into large pieces, add toon and stir-fry evenly, add refined salt, sugar and quickly stir-fry until the flavor is infused, pour in oil and serve. 2. Ingredients for cold toon: toon, coriander, salt, garlic slices, chopped chili, chicken essence, olive oil. Method: 1. Blanch Chinese toon in cold water and drain. 2. Add a few coriander, salt, fresh garlic slices, chopped chili, chicken essence, a little olive oil and mix well! 3. Pickled toon ingredients: toon, salt, water. Method: 1. Remove the old leaves of Chinese toon and leave only the tender tips, clean and set aside. 2. Boil the water in the pot, add a little salt, turn off the heat after the water boils again. 3. Add the washed Chinese toon and take it out as soon as it changes color. 4. Let it cool naturally, then cut into thin sections, add salt and mix well. 5. Pack it in a sealed box.

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